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Adds a scarf to cover your face and neck as well as letting you roam the wasteland in style. Original model and texture created by Tumbajumba. Separate scarf model provided by Smert.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: RocoFO3 has made a Spanish translation esp. for the mod. It can be found here:

Keep in mind, this is an esp. only and you will still need the resources found in my version of the mod.

Wow, over 10k downloads! Thanks a lot everyone, I hope you all enjoy the mod :)

UPDATE: I've added a new esp. that fixes the Revealing Scarf voice modulation, the revealing scarf will no longer modulate your voice, simply replace your esp. with the one found under Optional Files.

UPDATE: Kaya47 has done quite a few retextures of this scarf, I recommend you check them out if you like this mod.

FIX: This time it really is fixed, the esp. was in there for me when I downloaded the new file to check it, so if it doesn't work now then the mod is either cursed or you're all in on some big practical joke.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: v.2.0 is out, this includes a scarf that does not cover the mouth, nothing else is changed. The old files have been removed and replaced with a new one that includes the old scarf mod and the glasses fix, in addition to the new scarf.

Again, all credit goes to Tumbajamba.

UPDATE: Removed the additem code from description to avoid confusion. I'll update with a new code once I get around to it.

UPDATE: I have added a new esp. that allows glasses to be worn with the scarf. Simply replace the esp. in your data folder with the new one to make it work.

NOTE: The file has been fixed, the esp. is now properly included. Please redownload the file if you are missing an esp.

The resources for this mod were taken from tumbajamba's More "Ranger Armors Mod"

It can be found here:


This mod adds a scarf to cover your face and neck in addition to letting you roam the wasteland in style.

To find the scarf go to Goodsprings and look for an ammo box outside the saloon, next to the chair Easy Pete usually sits in.

Place the Textures and Meshes folders and the esp. in your Data folder, activate the esp. in the launcher and enjoy your new scarf.

Model and Texture created by tumbajamba.
Separate scarf model provided by Smert.
Converted to a separate item by Urge.

Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian for making yet another awesome game for us to mod and enjoy.