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Yes, they\'re shotgun shells that explode. What more can you want?

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Alright, I'm pretty new to modding and when I first set out on this it seemed an extremely daunting task. After a brief, painful ordeal everything just sort of clicked into place and I managed to figure it out pretty quickly and bring you my first version of the product 35 minutes after my 21st birthday began, YAY!!!!!!!!

So for my 21st birthday, as a gift to you all, I give you 12 Gauge High Explosive rounds! These babies pack a pretty good wallop with increased damage, spread reduction, and even some armor penetration, making them the ultimate shotgun rounds! Oh, not to mention the EXPLOSION!!!!!!

I set it up so you can buy them at the Gunrunners store, but they're pretty darn expensive and you can only buy 24 at a time before having to wait for them to restock. You can fire it from any 12 gauge shotgun, including any guns from other mods that use 12 gauge ammo.

I set the spread reduction to a .45 multiplier to work best with my Improved Shotgun Performance mod but it'll still work fine if you don't have my other mod, just won't be as accurate.

You can get my Improved Shotgun Performance mod here:

Just download the file and copy the .esp to your game's Data folder. Remember to check 12GaugeHighExplosive in the Data Files menu!

As with my other mod this one is currently in Beta and I'd appreciate any feedback on what you think about the mod and any changes you think could be made to help make it more balanced (I know it's hard to imagine an explosive shotgun round being balanced but I'm trying). Thanks to everyone who downloads and tries it out. Oh, and try not to blow yourselves up. ^_^