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A small mod to let you play Fallout: New Vegas as a Ghoul, complete with some interesting effects to go with it.

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UPDATE: Added a compatibility patch for people using the new Dead Money DLC. This is mostly for food items right now, but may be expanded later.

Playable Ghoul allows the Courier to roam the Mojave Wasteland as a Ghoul. This is more than just a simple texture/race mod, and offers some effects:

-2 Strength (STR)
-2 Charisma (CHR)
+2 Endurance (END)

Ghouls are resistant to most chems, including alcohol. The effect of chems lasts only 1/4th as long as normal, but the chance of addiction is only 1/10th of normal. The only exceptions to the above are Rocket and Ultrajet. RadAway and Rad-X will cause physical damage to a Ghoul if used. Certain other substances will still work as normal on Ghouls, particularly the special variants of Nuka-Cola. Additionally, Irradiated variants of alcohol have the same effect duration as normal.

Radiation levels in a Ghoul's body decrease (or more accurately, the level which is considered "normal" moves up) over time, at a rate of 1 Rad/ 10s.

Radiation Poisoning has positive as well as negative effects on Ghouls:

Minor - +1 END, +2 HP/s, -1 Rad/s
Advanced - +2 END, -1 INT, +4 HP/s, -2 Rad/s
Critical - +3 END, -2 INT, -1 STR, +6 HP/s, -4 Rad/s
Deadly - +4 END, -3 INT, -2 STR, +8 HP/s, -6 Rad/s
Fatal - +4 END, -3 INT, -2 STR, +8 HP/s, -30 Rad/s

Ghouls do not die from Fatal Rad Poisoning.

Finally, Ghouls have access to a Ghoul-only Perk: Feral Affinity. This perk ensures Feral Ghouls will not attack the Courier unless the Courier attacks first.

Please remember that this mod hasn't been fully playtested for balance. I would appreciate any feedback you can offer.