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Adds a new companion to the game.

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  • Portuguese
Adds a new companion to the game. She is proficient in melee and unarmed combat. Adds a perk when you get her, and, if you are lucky, another one later. It also has a cheesy story full of grammatical errors!

Two versions, one with her standing next to the Goodsprings house, and another where she is hidden (There are spoilers in the rar file)

Feel free to tear it apart and use it as a base for your companions.

Won't work with mods that modify the sarsaparrilla bottle script

If you can't stand the awful English used, please, send me a PM with corrections. You'll be added to the credits or something :)

Version 0.92 made by GLIDEIMAGE. So thank him instead of me.
check http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41328 for an example of his great work.

version 0.92 changes:
-fixed trade and inventory

version 0.91 changes:
-Removed the anoying "Let's talk" in every conversation.

Version 0.9 changes:
-Aggresive/Passive toggle added
-Perks added
-She will wait in place now
-Added backstory


Thanks to GLIDEIMAGE for fixing the file.