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This mod recreates the classic Fallout 1/2 Brotherhood armor and outfits the Knights and Initiates so that instead of the silly recon armor, they wear proper Brotherhood suits.

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Brotherhood Armor V. 1.0

A Fallout: New Vegas mod

by Tagaziel (formerly Mikael Grizzly)

- - - -

This mod is an attempt to recreate the classic Fallout 1/2
Brotherhood combat armor, complete with rivets. I've tried
to stay as close to the original as possible and I appreciate
any and all input on whether or not I managed to succeed in
my attempt.

To install, simply unzip the contents of the file into your
New Vegas/data folder. All content is unique, so you shouldn't
get any conflicts.

To uninstall, remove the .esp and the texture and mesh files.

Trouble? Feedback? Drop me a line at [email protected]
or [email protected]

Happy Fallouting!