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Version 12 is out - a very important hotfix regarding the ghouls and fast travelling, caused by the release of the new new vegas patch.

BuildableBots:NewVegas by chimp

Version 12

1. Introduction
2. Changelog
3. Features
4. FAQ
5. Credits

1. Introduction

This mod adds a small shack in the starter town of GoodSprings,
near the gas station and the Doc's house. Inside are some basic
living quarters and the robot assembly pod / computer. By collecting
the required parts and placing them into the pod, you can construct
your own robots which have all the functionality of a basic companion.
Parts can be scavanged off robots you destroy, or by converting every day
objects via the workbench.

2. Changelog
Version 12 - 11/11/10 *Important fix re new patch and ghouls fast travelling with you

3. Features

-Build five types of robots (Protectron, Mr Handy, Securitron, and two types of sentry)

-Full companion functionality

-Ordinary components can be converted into robotic parts via the workbench

-Console based diagnostic system for helping you identify what parts you are missing

-Upgrade system for upgrading your robots. Requires you to take perks when you level up.

-A few other easter eggs

4. FAQ

Q) Where is it / where do I go?

Its in the starter town of Goodsprings. Go left out of the Doc's house, and run past the gas
station. Its right next door.

Q) How does it work? What do I do?

Place components into the assembly pod, and use the terminal to see if you can build a robot.
Different robots require different parts / quantities of parts.

Q) Where do I get parts from?

A few are in the workshop to start you off, you can find more on any robots you kill. You can
also create certain parts out of generic items via the workbench.

Q) Can I repair robots?

Yes, but only if you have the required science skill. The more advanced the robot, the higher
the skill needed. Anyone can build a robot, but without the science to repair it, it will
eventually break and you will lose all of those precious parts. Repairs can be done via
accessing the command line, and consume either 1 x scrap electronics or 1 x scrap metal.

Q) What is the command line for?

Its for more advanced use of your robot. You can change the follow command from offensive to defensive.
Defensive means the robot will stay close to you, and generally not run off as much to chase a bloatfly
or whatever.

Q) What does disabling the combat inhibitor do?

Guess. Just like shooting on any robot, it will make your robot frenzy and attack anything (including you).
Because of that there is a ten second delay after you confirm the order. The robot will stop following you
and wait, and then suddenly it will go berserk and start shooting at everything.

Q) Im having problems / bugs / weird debug messages / wharbgl

Let me know, and I will try and fix it asap. Always a good idea to make a backup save.

Q) How do I upgrade a robot?

When you next level, choose the upgrade perk. This gives you one upgrade slot per robot (further perks
unlocked at higher levels / science skill give you more slots). Take out a robots neural processor,
then use the menu to add the upgrade.

5. Credits

Calodine - Testing
Elminster - For making FO3Edit