Fallout New Vegas
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Make more of the ammo types in New Vegas, including several new ones.

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Ever wished you could make your own Armor Piercing ammo to deal with those darn robots? How about Hollowpoint to deal with soft targets? Tired of the .22 pistol being useless?

Then THIS is the mod for you! With RetroNutcase's Ammo Overhaul, you can make several more of the ammo types already in New Vegas, as well as some fun new variants that are sure to add plenty of variety to your gunplay! Not happy with just going through armor? How about corrosive shells that melt away an enemy's health, or Incendiary rounds that set them ablaze? It's all here in the public test release, with more to come in the future.

-Adds ability to craft HP and AP ammo for several firearms.

-Adds AP and HP ammo options for small arms, though pistol AP rounds will not perform as well as rifle AP rounds.

-Adds new Acidic, Incendiary, High Explosive, EMP, Glass Shard, and Depleted Uranium rounds to specific weapons.

-Able to strip various items for raw materials required for crafting standard and special ammo.

-Diversifies ammo crafting by adding additional skill requirements for special ammo types. Explosives for Incendiary and HE Rounds, Science for Acidic and EMP rounds, Survival for Poisoned, etc.

-Adds one Easter Egg weapon (very not lore friendly!) that can be found by Wild Wasteland trait users. See readme for more info.

-Chance to find unique ammo types amongst normal ones, taking the Scrounger Perk will give you better odds of finding them to boot.

-Enemies now will drop crafting materials like primers and powder along with casings for their guns

-Can either make new crafting materials or buy them in bulk from the Gun Runners

-Shops have a small chance to sell rare ammo. Gun Runners will always sell it.

-Not ammo related, but stops your companions from eating/drinking any consumables you leave in the Lucky 38 Suite or its containers.

-Adds a purchasable Reloading Bench to the Lucky 38 Suite Upgrades, so you can do all your crafting from one convenient location! (NOTE-You may have to drop and pick up the Reloading Bench upgrade item once you buy it)

Feedback and constructive criticism welcomed, encouraged. Please keep things constructive however, I'm not a huge fan of generic "This mod sucks." This is the first mod I've ever released, so please keep that in mind. :)

Oh, Readme is in the download. Be sure to, well...Read it!