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RetroNutcase's Ammo Overhaul Mod 0.5 (Test Release)

Extract the .esp file to the data directory of your Fallout New Vegas install, add to data files in the NV launcher. Simple.

-Test Release Notes-
This is mainly a public test release to get feedback and balancing suggestions for the mod. Many of the recipes are not final and will need tweaking for better gameplay balance, hence part of the reason this mod is availble for download in its test format. That said, I expect there will be some bugs, typos, etc. Feel free to point them out so I can fix them, though I mainly want to get feedback on the custom ammo types, recipes, and balance.

-New Ammo Types-

Acidic-Made with the Acid Compound, which can be created at a Loading Bench by combining Dirty Water, Abraxo Cleaner, and Detergent. Does DoT, has some armor bypass, but damage directly inflicted by rounds is only 50%.

High Explosive-Has some armor bypass and bonus damage, but wears the gun down faster in exchange for the explosive punch. Requires Nitroglycerin, which can be extracted from Dynamite.

Incendiary-Adds small increase to damage, armor bypass, and weapon wear. Can set enemies ablaze, it requires Flamer Fuel and Aluminum to make.

Poisoned Rounds-Currently three varieties exist which have various effects. Bark Scorpion poison will inflict noticable DoT, Radscorpion poison can quickly cripple legs, while Cazador poison can briefly paralyze. You'll need to get Poison Extract from the respective creature's poison gland to make this ammo. It is also only for the .22 pistol currently.

Depleted Uranium Rounds-Unmatched in armor piercing capability, virtually no armor can stop them. Unfortunately, they can only be made by harvesting and depleting Uranium from Mini Nukes...Not an easy task by any means.

-New Materials-
Aluminum-In powdered form, makes an excellent means of ignition for incendiary ammo. It can be found in various metal objects and appliances.

Copper-Used in making jacketted rounds like Full Metal Jacket rounds (AKA Standard ammo). It can be found in various metal objects and electronics.

Steel-Used primarily as the penetrating core of Armor Piercing rounds. It can be aquired through various metal objects.

Nitroglycerin-An explosive compound used in HE ammo, it can be extracted from Dynamite. Requires knowledge of explosives.

Depleted Uranium-Used for making Depleted Uranium rounds, can only be aquired by harvesting it from Mini Nukes, which requires an expert in explosives and science.

Poison Extracts-Used for making poisoned ammo. It can be aquired by extracting the poison from a poison gland, but one must be well versed in survival to do this.


Q)How do I get the materials needed to make all this ammo?!
A)See above. You'll need to harvest it from various sources, and must have knowledge in the field of question. You can't expect to be able to harvest uranium from a Mini Nuke if you don't know how to disarm its detonator and have a scientific understanding of uranium.

Q)How come there's so few sources to harvest the new metals from?
A)Because I need a better idea of what else I can put in there. Future releases will expand on this list.

Q)Why can't I see the recipe for (insert ammo here)?
A)Anything beyond Hollowpoint or Armor Piercing rounds is considered an advanced ammo type, and requires you to have the needed knowledge in its field to make it. If you do not have enough skill in explosives, you will not see HE rounds on your recipe list, if you don't have enough in survival, you won't see recipes for the various poisoned rounds.
For the most part, explosives 40 will do for HE, Science 35 will work for Acid, and Explosives 25 will work for Incendiary. For the poisons, the Survival skill needed to extract them is the same required to be able to craft them. The reason it works like this is due to an engine limitation that doesn't allow for directly setting multiple skill requirements for crafting.

Q)Why do so many guns not have new ammo types?
A)I haven't gotten to them yet. This is a balance testing release, so it's not going to have everything. I want to get a better idea of how this handles out in the wild before I do any further work. Rest assured, I WILL be making more ammo types for other guns.

Q)Aren't some of these recipes or breakdowns rather unrealistic?
A)I don't know, how realistic are the Wasteland's mutations, or the energy guns, or the fact you can make radiation and drug addiction go away with a simple shot? I don't mean to come off as too snarky, but I wanted to do a mix of realism and fun for this. Some realism, but not to the point of ridiculousness. In the future however, I likely will have an alternate .esp that does not contain the more 'exotic' ammo types, and just allows you to craft the standard ammo in the game.

Q)Is there anything else I should know?
A)I've hidden one Easter Egg weapon that you will be able to aquire if you have Wild Wasteland as a perk. However, this item will ONLY appear for Wild Wasteland Perk users that begin a new game and pick the perk, due to how Wild Wasteland perk activation works. If you want the easter egg weapon, you'll need to start a new game and pick Wild Wasteland as a perk on chargen.
Rather than just say where it is, I'll give a (somewhat obvious) hint.
William Shatner took the lead in a sequel to the first movie of a popular franchise. It involved someone's wrath. The location is related to this name, and you'll find it among some heavy machinery in that area.

Q)What if I want to give feedback? What if I find a bug?
A)Drop me a message via the Nexus forums or the comment section for this mod. Please keep comments to constructive ones. If you don't like the mod, I don't need a message saying it sucks. Suggestions on how to fix problems you may have with it (in other words, constructive criticism) are more than welcome.

As of now, I really couldn't tell you much on how compatible or incompatible this is with other mods. However, I can list what it alters, which may help in diagnosing compatibility:
-Adds several new Ammo items
-Adds new Misc Junk items
-Adds new recipes and alters several vanilla ones
-Alters the Ammo help message to show info on the new ammo types

Currently, it does not alter any loot or item lists of any kind, you will not find any of these materials or new ammo types in the wild, and will have to use Ammo Benches to aquire them. This will likely change in the future.