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Gives a small chance of ammo components showing up in ammo crates, dumpsters and toolboxes.

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It kinda sucks that you never find primers or powders for ammo crafting lying around, doesn't it? Well thankfully, this mod gives a small chance of those components showing up in ammo crates, dumpsters and toolboxes.

When I say "small chance", I mean just that: don't expect this to be unbalancing or give you tons of materials. It's simply correcting an oversight (IMO) by adding a small loot list to some of the containers that normally drop other rubbish. Now you'll actually have a reason for checking those boxes you normally never find anything decent in.

Let me know if you think the amounts are too small or large. I haven't tested this much yet.

This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the loot lists of toolboxes, some military footlockers, ammo crates and dumpsters. Best to merge these changes, when such utilities become available for NV. Or simply load whichever mod you think is more important after the other one, so it overwrites.

Oh yeah, and feel free to add this to your own mod, no credits required. It took like ten minutes to make, so no biggie. :)