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Adds more generic npcs to the casinos around New Vegas. For those who thought those monolith halls were too empty and wanted some added life.

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There is now a medium and light version for lower end computers.

I am attempting to make the casinos in New Vegas feel more lively by adding in more npcs. Currently using the fluff npcs that Obsidian used so some npcs may look the same. Currently this is the final version with some changes maybe in the future do to the fact I do not have time to work on this. I will not be changing any of the blackjack, slot machines, or roulette tables to active instead of static as that is a whole different story.

I will not be adding npcs to the restaurant in the Ultra Luxe to keep it lore friendly. Mr. New Vegas is always talking on the radio about how guest feel it is strange the restaurant in the Ultra Luxe is mostly empty.

This mod is performance intensive. Thanks to Obsidian even with the dll fix npcs still use a lot of resources. I will attempt to balance the number of npcs with performance. If I have time once I am finished I will make a version that includes differing amounts of npcs so that people can choose how many npcs they want.(Easier to do once everything is done since I am including the maximum amount of npcs I currently can in this version. I will just have to delete a few for each version.)

This mod should be compatible with Refined Casino people as long as you load this mod first.

Download which version you want, the normal, medium, or light.
Just stick the esp in your data folder and check in data files.
Load this mod OUTSIDE OF THE CASINOS!!!!!
Otherwise you will get to see some very strange npc behavior.

Version 0.2 onward will use same file name so it can be overwritten.

Development Plan
V0-0.3: The Tops -Finished
V0.3-0.6: The Atomic Wrangler and Ultra Luxe -Finished
V0.6-0.9: Gomorrah
V0.9-1.0: Bug Fixes/Finishing Touches
V2: Multiple levels of npcs

-Added more npcs to Aces Theater in The Tops Casino.
-Fixed npc error in Main Casino room of The Tops
-Added more npcs to Aces Restaurant
-Changed File name for easy update.
-Fixed "Musical Chairs" behavior in npcs in Aces Theater
-Added two NPCs sitting at slots under stairs in main room
-Added sitting NPCs throughout the right side of the Casino in the Tops
-Added another roulette dealer
-Fixed "Musical Chairs" behavior in npcs in The Tops Restaurant
-Added npcs to main casino room in the tops
-Added more npcs to Aces Theater
-Added more dealers
-fixed crashing issue for users without Caravan Pack
-fixed roombounds glitch in Ultra Luxe Casino
-Added npcs to the Atomic Wrangler
-Added a dealer at every table in the Ultra Luxe
-Added npcs throughout the casino in the Ultra Luxe
-Fixed animation glitch that could occur with one of the default dealers in the Ultra Luxe
-Added a dealer to every table in the Gomorrah
-Added npcs to Gomorrah casino
-Fixed pathfinding issues in the main casino
-Added three new dancers in upper Brimstone
-Fixed npc from spawning in blackjack table
-Added npcs to upper brimstone
-Modified AI package to prevent npcs from changing chairs every 10 seconds
-Added npcs to lower Brimstone
-Added dancers to cushioned room
-Added npcs to cushioned rooms
-Fixed pathfinding issue in The Tops Casino
-Added npcs who watch dancers in the lower Brimstone
-Fixed lighting error in the Atomic Wrangler

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Please do not reupload mod without my permission.