Darker Nights - Brighter Lights by nightlith
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Added: 25/10/2010 - 07:48PM
Updated: 29/10/2010 - 05:33AM

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Last updated at 5:33, 29 Oct 2010 Uploaded at 19:48, 25 Oct 2010

First, I want to thank Marcurios for his fantastic mod! Without his work I'd never have been motivated to do this. Second, I will not be including his mod in this package, but it is required for this to function properly. You can get his mod here

This mod drastically alters the nights, leaving the wasteland a very dark, foreboding place to explore. However, the existing lighting is brighter and illuminates a larger area in civilized areas. Also, the night vision effect has been improved to feel more authentic.

DN More Lights will be the core of this mod, adding more lights in civilized areas to give each a more lively feel. Considering how dark the wasteland is, it doesn't seem right that Goodsprings only has one lamp post. This is very incomplete, and will be the biggest change for revisions.

I had originally planned to keep these changes to myself, but it's quickly taking on a life of it's own, and maybe a few people out there would enjoy these changes. I am also not trying to step on ACR or Marcurios's toes and respect both of their works. I look forward to seeing their project! Thanks again for the inspiration guys!

NEW - 28/10/2010

First, sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy around the house and stuff. I wanted to address the lack of updates and the darker experience with an addition to this mod: Night Vision Goggles. There are some issues with them right now (see Known Issues in the readme) but the core functionality of them is there. They will illuminate the wasteland for all those too timid to explore it in the dark :)

Regarding More Lights: Don't expect micro updates for this. The next update will probably have at least all the major roads illuminated before I update again. This takes time...there's alot of road in this game! After that, I'll be tweaking the various camps and outposts to make them feel more 'lived in'.

As for compatibility, since there is no mod load order tool yet (to my knowledge) if my mods stop working with URWLNV, make sure the date on my mods is after the date of URWLNV. This will ensure my changes will take precedence over the other mod.