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Loot wrecked cars for crafting materials. 3 versions: no cars explode/vanilla cars explode/all cars explode.

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I liked mod for Fallout 3 which allowed you to loot cars to get their contents, so the original idea belongs to Spligitmoose.

I replaced static and exploding cars with containers which contain materials you normally find in toolboxes, because I thought that such a cool crafting system wasn't accompanied by a good scavenging system: in vanilla your "scavenging" was in most cases "stealing", so an honest prospector had no chance to experience the crafter's life.

Now you can get materials from Wasteland. So pack your bags and start scavenging!

LOC_1_1 : "Lootable Old Cars" - cars do not explode.
LOC_1_1_OE: "Lootable Old Cars: Original Explosions" - non-burnt cars explode as in vanilla.
LOC_1_1_AE: "Lootable Old Cars: All Cars' Explosions" - all cars explode, even burnt ones... You cannot explode the same car twice though.

1) Unpack the .esp file in your /data/ folder within the game directory.
2) Launch FalloutNVLauncher.exe.
3) Open DATA FILES link.
4) Check a little checkbox next to your .esp file.

NOTE!: Do not enable it for a savegame where you stand in a location with cars! Enable this mod after you saved in some interior location, i.e. some shop, cave or a house.