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CHECK OUT THE NEW VERSION! 2.2 This mod places a Weapon House and Vault in Nipton that is loaded with all types of weapons and ammo, and other features. The Weapon House is located up on a hill.

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Watch the NEW video in the video section

This is the New Weapon House. VERSION 2.2

Changelog for 2.2

-Added a stairway leading up to the weapon house for easy access
-Fixed the head exploding bug. I removed the exploding collar from the locker(simple fix)
-The 2.2 version includes a fix for the unique 9mm(Black Betty)It will work the way its supposed to now.

The Weapon House has Everything it had before! Location is the same as it was. Located in Nipton up on a hill.

The Weapon House has totally been Re-Designed. All Weapons that have previously been on display have been moved to categorized lockers. The Main level of the house has now been turned into a complete player home.

Some of its Features are:

* Map Marker for Fast Travel
* Player Bed
* Working juke Box
* Complete Caravan Card Collection
* Box of Skill Books(every skill book)
* Fridge Full of Food(every food item)
* Nuka-Cola Machine(with every product)
* Work Bench
* Reloading Bench
* Sink(fresh Water)
* Cooking Stove
* First Aid Kits(With all Chems and Aid)
* Personal Computer
* Security System(toggle on and off)
* Empty Shelving(for all you collectors)

The Lower portion of the Weapon house now serves as a Complete players personal Vault.

Some of the Vaults Features are:

* Securitron Security System(toggle on and off)
* Turret Security System(toggle on and off)
* Vault Computer
* Maintenance/Storage Room
* Weapon chamber(Requires Repair Skill of 60 to enter)
* Access door to outside(must have key, located in the player home portion, on the desk) PS. the player home aint locked, you can go right in. Only the vault is locked and needs the key.
* A Unique Weapon Pack(Retextured weapons with higher values)

The Weapon Chamber

The Weapon Chamber requires a repair skill of 60 to enter, and can't be opened by the vault computer. The chamber is split into 4 parts and categories.(Artillery,Armor and Clothing, Explosives and Melee, and Ammunition) I did this to significantly drop the major FPS hit everybody was getting when entering the original weapon house. THE FPS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED!

Every Weapon and Peice of armor has been included.There may be a few that may still not be playable due to vanilla settings.


If you have the old Weapon House mod installed, make sure you un-install it before installing the New Weapon House.

1. Copy the esp. file into the FalloutNV/Data directory

2. Copy meshes and texture files into the FalloutNV/Data directory

3. Check off the new esp in the Data folder when you start your game. Or Check it off in a mod manager program if you use that.

ScreenShots of the New Weapon House 2.2 are Available to View

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