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Added: 25/10/2010 - 03:02AM
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*my previous upload did not seem to take, the fixed version is uploaded.

Adds a char editing machine right next to the starting Vigor Tester. Be careful when playing with changing races or ages, weird effects may result.

Can edit:

Tagged Skills
Add Traits
SPECIAL distro
and can increase level

Do not use machine before you are finished creating your initial character, there may be weird results in this case as well.

Note: If a player changes their race in the appearance editor, then they will lose their perks (the perks will be disabled). A player can change everything except the race and still keep their default character with leveling.

Note: if player changes age to child, hands will turn blue (unless perhaps texture files from FO3 are installed) and also certain objects can not be used (like the machine that changed you young DO NOT SAVE)

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