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Nova Hairstyle for FalloutNV

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I'm running all mods on a clean install of New Vegas to test them. If they're not working it's most likely a problem on your end or misbehaviour caused by another mod.
For those eagerly reporting issues plz read below.

Reporting a bug/problem: "It's not working" doesn't help me trying to figure out what's wrong. Please post detailed info on what exactly you did, what other mods you use and what kind of feedback you're getting from the game. I will try to look into it and fix any problems.

on another note...
I WILL NOT support any issues caused by YOU not having the most recent update for Fallout: New Vegas. "But I can't update/the update doesnt work..." Mhm...Oh really, well then...GO BUY THE FRIGGIN GAME...

IMPORTANT: When you upgrade from an earlier version to 1.2 delete the old files or it will bug out on you! Serious kidney damage possible!!!!

Update: 1.2 is out. All files from the previous FO3 conversion are working properly now. No more being bald when wearing a hat!
As for the hair used when wearing a hat, its the default "headgear-equipped" hair that EVERY custom hair ever made for FO3/Oblivion/FNV i have found are using.
Sorry I haz no 3D skills or I'd make something with that tail. Maybe one of you talents out there wants to do that :) on that note to all modders:

You may abuse this mod for anything you like,
no credit or permission needed just as the original creator intended :)

Since there's like only 1 Hair mod out so far and I've been missing my Nova Hairstyle from FO3 so badly I've decided to just convert this to FNV myself.
I'm all new to modding so don't crush me if there's a problem somewhere plz. I decided to upload this since there's no other mod currently including this hairstyle and some of you folks may want it too.
compatibility: Not working with other hair mods. Use optional file if you want this to work with Rikai's Beautypack (ver 1.3 only)
all credit goes to these guys
thx to them for making this awesome Hairstyle :>
Here's some fail for you:

Linking to the original Mod for credit obviously wasn't enough for our "CmdrObvious" as he insisted on this being posted:

"This mod is a relabel of the Top Knot Drift hairstyle from the FO3 Hair Pack collection mod. Uses the same resources and filename/paths." (Link provided above)

And I got a bad vote from him for that as well, despite the fact that the original author stated his mod may be used for anything without credit or permission needed. Thx man, I'll pay attention to that in the future and consider not contributing to this site at all :)

Just copy the files into your Data Folder and check the .esp in the Launcher
The hairstyle can be selected when starting a new game or
altering your characters via console command. (showracemenu)

Removal: Just delete all the files from this Mod ^^