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The Gun Runners have expanded; and new Gun Runner outposts are appearing all over New Vegas!

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The Mod Just Hit The 15,000 Download Benchmark! Thank You All For Your Help And Ideas!

NOTICE: Please note that due to me being busy on my other mod (The Mall) i have discontinued work on this mod until further notice. This means that there are a few bugs still existing in this mod, that i have tried, and failed, to fix. The main concern is the "For My Baby" quest bug, where the person you are meant to send out in front of the dinosaur does not follow you. Now, the only way to fix this is to disable the mod while doing this quest, and then re-enable it afterwards. However, i am planning to go back to this mod in the future...

(A BIG thanks to GTA44 for this wonderful image!)

The Gun Runners have expanded; and new Gun Runner outposts are appearing all over New Vegas!
Version 4 Up Now!

I was surprised that i could only find one Gun Runner outpost in the whole of New Vegas. So i made this lore friendly mod, which places outposts in various places all over the Mojave!

NOTE: If you find that one of the grids fails to load (a big hole in the ground) then dont worry. Just save and then restart New Vegas and everything should be back to normal.

Locations So Far Include:
Novac, The NCR's "Mojave Outpost", Goodsprings, Sloan, Camp Golf ,The 188 Trading outpost has been expanded, The "Nellis Air Force Base" (entrance) and Jacobstown.

Locations For Lore-Friendly Version: 188 Outpost, Novac and The "Mojave Outpost".

Locations For Silver Rush: The 188 Trading outpost




v2-Many New Changes:ALL goods now reaspawn (i.e if you wait for 3 days it will be back), Position in Freeside moved to Camp Golf which specializes in ammo. New position in the 188 trading outpost (yes i know there was allready one there, but there was'nt a kiosk) which specializes in explosives. The positions of the Novac and Mojave Outpost kiosks have been changed to avoid NPC glitches. I have also upgraded what all the standard kiosks sell to make them more interesting.

v3-Added new locations: Bitter springs and Jacobstown. Jacobstown specializes in rifles, and Bitter Springs specializes in pistols and handguns. The kiosk in Sloan now specialises in mods for weapons, and i have upgraded the appearance of all specialised kiosks accordingly (check screenshots). I have also made a map of the locations of all the kiosks in the Mojave, which can be found on the sofa that you sit on in Doc Mitchell's house when you first start the game. Thanks for all your ideas, particularly "Unlimitedrevolver" for suggesting that i make the map.
EDIT: I have recently realeased a patch type thing for v3, which you should download instead of the v3 mainfile.

v3.2-Some people pointed out some major glitches, so i hope this fixes them. DETIALS:Kiosk in Novac moved far out of the way, i have hopefully fixed the Gun Runner Locations Map mesh issues in doc mitchels house (it now looks like a hollo-tape and is on the desk next to the sofa/couch in Doc Mitchells house). I have also hopefully fixed the issues with the armour being at to low a price. Thanks for pointing out the problems.

v3.3-Small BugFix (thanks to "tomciuxas" for pointing that out) and i increased the amount of mods that Sloan sells.

v3.4-The mojave outpost now sells new stuff, i have changed the appearance of sloan, jacobstown and camp golf, i have moved the novac kiosk away from where it was before (now its near no-barks house, possibly fixed the "For My Baby" quest bug?), i also moved the goodsprings kiosk slightly (possibly fixed that hole bug?). I have also included the correct texures and meshes for the kiosk map, which can now be found on the reloading bench at the origional gun runner outpost, as well as in doc mitchels house. Please tell me if the goodsprings bug is still there. Oh, and i also made all the robots imobile, so hopefully you shouldnt find them outside of thier kiosks any more. Thanks for pointing out the bugs people.

v3.5-Fixed issues with 188 outpost inventory, moved the Bitter Springs kiosk to the entrance of the Nellis Air Force Base, and i fixed some issues with the Novac kiosk (and moved it slightly). Enjoy, and please tell me if you find any bugs, or you have a suggestion. Thank you for all the comments.

v3.6-Added a new armor kiosk outside Helios One!, also i moved the kiosk in Sloan, so NPC's walking through it should no longer be a problem. Thank you for all suggestions and support.

v4-Added a Silver Rush Kiosk at the the 188 trading outpost,
and added and edited some dialogue, as well as some voice files (hence the bigger file size).

[Lore Friendly Version]-The kiosks in Bitter Springs, Camp Golf, Jackobstown, Goodsprings and Sloan have been removed. All items lists have been modified accordingly, there is some armour now for sale at the Mojave Outpost. All decorations have been removed. The mod should now be a bit more lore friendly. I have also removed the Gun Runner Locations book. Enjoy.

PROBLEMS: Unfortunately this mod can cause random glitches/bugs and i have literally NO IDEA as to where the hell they came from (most of the time anyway). But please, if you find any bugs REPORT THEM AS SOON AS POSIBLE, as it will help me enourmously. Thank You. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
100% My Mod (please do not reupload without permission)