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Last updated at 18:08, 24 Oct 2010 Uploaded at 18:07, 24 Oct 2010

This mod makes all vanilla companions ignore the existence of other companions. Even ED-E and Rex can be used at the same time, they're no longer always at each others' throats.

This only works on companions that are already hired. If you run into a new one and already have a companion, you'll have to dismiss them, get the new companion, then pick up the one you just dismissed.

Once you've already gotten a companion, you don't need to do anything but speak to them. It's only when they haven't yet been recruited that they give you any lip about there being too many people with you.

In addition, you don't need to dismiss everyone, just one. The game doesn't actually keep track of how many are following you. Instead, it just keeps track of whether or not one IS following you.

Here's what happens. There's this variable about having a humanoid companion. When you recruit or hire someone, it always sets that variable to 1. If you have someone already, it's set to 1. If you pick up a new one, it's set to 1 again even though it's already 1. When you dismiss either one, it sets it to 0. It needs to be 0 to pick up a NEW companion that you haven't yet grouped with.

I'm still working on fixing this issue because apparently those flags are required to get the companions to respond to certain events. The fix basically broke companions a little, so for now please just make sure you're only trying to do a first time recruit when you have no one else with you.