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It adds a new weapon, the Prototype Lightsaber. In fact, it adds 9: red, green, blue, azure (closer to the movie blue than the blue one IMHO), yellow, orange, purple, cyan, and silver (white.) Plus another 9 in the same colours, but double bladed, a.k.a., "polesabers" in SWTOR lingo.

The blade is very durable compared to the vanilla game items. (If you point a laser pointer at someone, does your pointer get damaged?) Though it's not indestructible, and will eventually wear down too. I figure the electronics and optics can still overheat or wear out eventually, but it will take a long time.

The base damage IS high, it is reasonably fast, it has +100% crit damage bonus instead of +50%, it has a double crit chance, and it does double damage to limbs (removing a hand is a SW specialty, after all.) Basically it's a very powerful weapon, but not very much more so than what's already in the game and the DLCs. It's not a cheat weapon. Well, maybe a little. The double blades are slower than the single-handers but do more damage per hit, so it works out to about the same dps.

Of course, I also realize that everyone has their different ideas about game balance and design, and there are other mods out there which change the other weapons to do more or less damage. If you disaggree with my value in either direction, you can just open it in FOMM or the GECK and set it to whichever damage value you prefer.

It can be repaired with laser pistols, laser rifles, or other lightsabers. Honestly, there is no "right" way to repair something like this with Earth tech. You'll have to jurry-rig it from whatever parts fit from other energy weapons.

As of 1.04, it was added to the following lists, by script:

- Holdout Weapons (the casino guards will probably think you have a flashlight on your belt)

- Energy Weapons (obviously)

- Laser Commander (a lightsaber blade IS a very short laser beam)

- The Professional perk (a Sith Assassin stealth attack with these should hurt a lot)

- Melee Wepons (used by super-slam perk)

- VATS Melee Weapons (I think it's unused, though)

Note 1: I know my sounds suck, but it's the best I can do myself, and I'm not about to steal and distribute sounds from someone else work (e.g., the LucasArts sounds.) But if it bothers you too much, there is a FO3 mod to my mod which replaces the sounds with better ones. It should still work with the New Vegas version too.

Note 2: the handles are anodized aluminium. It doesn't need to be iron, since there aren't some tremendous forces to withstand, and aluminium is better for dissipating heat. I.e., don't ask for rusty handles, aluminium doesn't rust.

Note 3: yes, it's not canon. Not even for Star Wars :p

Note 4: the double-bladed sabers have a bit too large handles, but that's necessary for the Fallout two-hander animations. The hands are fairly far apart to start with, and on top of that the right hand moves forward about half a foot in the third-person parry animation. Any shorter a handle and you'd be grabbing the cutting beam when parrying in third person, and, well, that would be a good way to lose your fingers. I.e., it would look very stupid. Anyway, since I can't make proper polesaber animations, I must make the polesaber handles fit the existing animations.

Note 5: The equip/unequip sounds don't seem to play when equpping or unequipping a two-handed melee weapon, including the dual lightsabers. I have no idea how to solve that.


Method 1: No Bark from Novac found them long ago in the crash of some alien ship that looked like a sphere with two side pannels. Well, it would have looked like that, if it hadn't been shattered by the crash. No Bark hid them in a small floor safe in his room, guarded by two manequins. Which so far everyone ignored because, frankly, what do you expect a crazy guy to have there that's of any value. Also because it's locked.

Yes, it's behind that barricade with two manequins, right near No Bark's bed. You can't miss it.

In the meantime No Bark himself, being the poor brain-damaged guy that he is, forgot that he has them or even a safe. He lost the key long ago. Don't bother asking him.

Note that the safe IS locked. I mean otherwise someone else would have looked inside it before you. But it's a very easy lock, so you should have no problems even if you didn't invest in lockpicking skill.

Also note that technically you ARE robbing No Bark. Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies. The poor crazy guy won't mind it one bit, so you don't even have to sneak, but you WILL lose a few karma points for the theft.

BTW, if you have to ask where Novac is, don't worry, you're actually sent there early in the main quest. You can't miss it, really. But you might have to play without lightsabers for a couple of hours at the beginning of the game. And No Bark's hut is marked as such on the local map on your PipBoy, so again you can't miss it.

Method 2: If that failed for whatever reason, just give the single-bladed sabers to yourself via the console:

- "player.additem xxeff34d 1" = Red Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff34e 1" = Green Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff34f 1" = Blue Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff34a 1" = Yellow Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff34b 1" = Purple Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff34c 1" = Cyan Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff349 1" = Silver (White) Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff348 1" = Orange Lightsaber

- "player.additem xxeff347 1" = Azure Lightsaber

And the dual-bladed sabers with:

- "player.additem xxeff35d 1" = Red Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff35e 1" = Green Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff35f 1" = Blue Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff35a 1" = Yellow Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff35b 1" = Purple Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff35c 1" = Cyan Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff359 1" = Silver (White) Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff358 1" = Orange Polesaber

- "player.additem xxeff357 1" = Azure Polesaber

Where xx is the number IN HEX of the mod in your list, counting from zero, as shown by FOMM. So basically if in your list this mod is the 5'th, then you'd type "player.additem 05eff34d 1" for the red saber. If it's the 12'th, you'd type "player.additem 0ceff34d 1". Yeah, it's a pain, but think positively: you only have to do it once.


Extract the archive, with directories, in your Data folder. Select it in the list of plugin files in the launcher.


Delete the .esp file from your Data directory.

Delete the LSaber1 directories in both your Data\meshes, Data\textures and Sound\fx\wpn directories.


It shouldn't conflict with anything, except if another mod happens to change the same cell.


I release this into the public domain. It means you can do whatever you wish with it. Give it to vendors, give it to custom followers, modify it, whatever you can think of.

If you feel like giving credit, I would of course appreciate it, but if not so be it. I'm not going to hound anyone if their non-canon handles happen to look like mine or anything.


    - First NV release (equivalent to the 0.9 Beta for Fallout 3)


    - Added power attacks and "Back Slash" VATS attacks (needs skill 50, like all other)
    - Added a sound effect for when blocking
    - Set the same range values as on the other 1-handed melee weapons (no idea what it's used for on a melee weapon though)

    - Fixed the Impact Data Set to actually play the impact sounds. Turns out they changed that since Fallout 3
    - Finally made the idle sound play. Hopefully it's soft enough to not become too annoying.

    - Added light blue and orange sabers
    - Added double sabers
    - Completely new handles

    - Fixed the name for No Bark's door to be English again
    - Container now respawns, if you need lots of lightsabers for some weird reason
    - Changed the repair list to include other lightsabers
    - Added to Holdout Weapons (the casino guards will probably think you have a flashlight on your belt)
    - Added to Energy Weapons (obviously)
    - Added to Laser Commander (a lightsaber blade IS a very short laser beam)
    - Added to The Professional perk (a Sith Assassin stealth attack with these should hurt a lot)
    - Added to Melee Wepons (used by super-slam perk)
    - Added to VATS Melee Weapons (I think it's unused, though)