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Phalanx for New Vegas, unlimited-follower and follower utility mod

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If you downloaded version 0.1, plz get 0.2 as it has an important fix (enemies were glitching).

Version 0.2 uploaded Nov 17 2010

NV Phalanx is a multi-follower and follower utility mod in development.

### Unlimited followers (unless you turn it off) (followers will still refuse to hire if there is a reputation reason for the hire refusal).

### Passive mode works

### Phalanx additional command set from Companion Wheel:

* Group wait
* Group release from wait
* Group passive
* Group aggressive
* Make a hole! (means: get out of my way)

### Phalanx additional commands from dialogue:

* Give me everything you are carrying (takes all of your items from the follower with one command).

The actual follow behavior is more reliable.

### Utilities/cheats:

* Magical companion remote (cheat) - can be hotkeyed, allows dialogue with any hired follower from any location

* Move lost/stuck followers directly to you (utility) (only available out of combat)

Miscellaneous characteristics:

Followers base some of the decision to take out or put away their weapons, and how alert to be, upon whether or not your own weapon is out.

Followers' names change when they are injured, and show their approximate health status (Wounded, Severely Wounded, etc).

(*) 'Wait' can be configured to either be a sandbox-style (wandering) wait or regular guard-style. Sandbox wait requires followers to be set 'aggressive'.

(*) Followers look and follow differently depending upon the combat situation.

### Power Armor use by followers:

(*) EDE, Rex, and Lily can carry faction-restricted armor in their inventories for you (normally they can't)

(*) Some followers have already had power armor training. Some have not. Once you have the training yourself, you can train all of them to have it too.

(*) Brotherhood-faction Power Armor will only be worn by Veronica BUT, you can convert these armors to non-faction:

** Faction-specific T51b Brotherhood power armor can be converted to non-faction by spray-painting it (Spray paint is free, atm) and it can be reversed.

** The Faction-specific T45D can be converted to non-faction by removing its Brotherhood insignia on the shoulder, this change is permanent.

### General fixes and changes

(*) Many doors rescripted to properly move all followers

(*) Fixed EDE upgrade causing all player-owned items left in its inventory to vanish

(*) Lily's function for "psychotic breaks" is a little different

### Known issues:

Sometimes after fast travelling, some followers may run away, and then come back. This is a game problem not a Phalanx one.

When weapons/etc are temporarily taken away from you by various casino guards etc, it will currently leave some followers untouched instead of taking their weapons too.

When using the 'magical cheat tool' - - you hear strange, doubled dialogue for the "trade" option

Cass' regular dialogue is missing some of the same control commands that the other followers have. This is a problem in the original dialogue which I will fix sometime.

If you are in casual gamemode (as opposed with hardcore mode), and your follower is in passive mode, and it dies out-of-combat (like you push it off of a cliff), it will actually be dead instead of unconscious. So, reload your last save if that were to happen. (I think that hardcore mode always kills them instead of intercepting with an unconscious).

While in passive mode, Rex and Boone do not initiate spontaneous combat upon their faction enemies (rats/Legion, respectively). I consider this an issue in need of fixing, but you may like it!

Followers tend to equip melee weapons when they do not know exactly where an enemy is. This is a game characteristic which I cannot change. It is primarily a cosmetic issue, they will switch back to ranged later.

- - -

Plz let me know via the BETHESDA FORUMS ( http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1140476-wipz-fonv-phalanx/ ) if something seems wrong with this mod such as:

- - any doors fail to move all followers
- - if any follower fails to hire to you while in multi-follower - - plz report what you said, and what it said for the refusal.
- - anything seems broke.

NV Phalanx is made primarily by Tarrant, has some scripting functions by Pelinor (cheat tool uses it), and the spray-painted power armor texture was set up by Hattix. And Cipscis was the inventor of multi-level messagebox menuing SO, naturally, my menuing is based upon his tutorial =p