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10mm Tactical SMG v1.3 with and without ACOG.

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10mm Tactical SMG and 10mm Tactical SMG ACOG

Author: Radu1986
Version: 1.3.0
Date: 11.06.2010

Warning this mod could set your computer on fire, bring forth the Apocalypse or cure world hunger.
I warned you. In not responsible. On second thought, I don't care.



* Reloading animation should work.
* ACOG now has lens.
* Doesn't crash GECK anymore.
* Placed the guns in a "Gun Briefcase" in Prim, by some dumpsters.
* Adjusted the Iron Sights view, a bit. Should be less sucky.


* Initial release


10mm Tactical SMG with and without ACOG. Need I say more. See them pictures.
Location: You'll find them on ED-E. So go find her(him).
Location: In Prim, in a briefcase, by some dumpsters.


Place in the ...\DATA\ folder


Aaaah... remove from the ...\DATA\ folder?


Should be compatible. It doesn't replace anything.


There might still be some, so... let me know.


A similar mod was released for FO3, so most credits go to its maker. I've just patched up, assured it works, wasted hours of my life...

This mod is using info, textures and meshes from several leftover mod parts. So, if you think you own a piece of this mod, let me know and I'll acknowledge your work.

Credits to Bethesda.
Credits to the Nexus.
Credits to the modders on the Nexus.