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This mod adds new 5 buildings, 10 NPCs and 4 full voiced acted and lip synched quests to the town of Goodsprings to expand the town and extend your playing time.

Permissions and credits
28 November - Update final - The mod as it currently stands will be the final version. There are some creative difficulties that I am running into in attempting to add more quests to the Goodsprings area, so I will now begin work on a new mod that will allow me to add quests and areas throughout the wasteland. Thanks for your support.


Goodsprings Filler is a mod that expands the town of Goodsprings and extends playing time through the addition of extra quests. It opens up previously boarded up houses, and fills them with NPCs, several of whom have their own quest attached to them. It also adds an additional underground cave structure to the town. All quests are fully voiced acted and lip synched to ensure that the mod fits in seamlessly into the world. The next time you start a new game, why not spend a bit more time in Goodsprings.

---This mod is based around characters who choose to become popular with the Goodsprings faction. As such the NPCs added by the mod may not speak to you unless your faction reputation with them is high enough. Siding with the Goodsprings townsfolk against the Powder Gangers will help ensure that you will have the necessary faction reputation to begin the quests. Some NPCs may not give you their quest until you have helped another NPC first.

---The release contains 5 additional houses, 10 additional NPCs, 4 additional quests, and 1 additional cave dungeon.

---The quests are given by Michael Peterson, Monty Peterson, Alex Downer and Brian Taylor.

---If you encounter any bugs or difficulties with the mod please post in the comments thread and I'll try my best to assist you.


Place the Goodsprings Filler.esp and Sound folder into the New Vegas data folder. The base install of this folder is Program Files/steam/steamapps/common/fallout new veags/data. Select yes if prompted to overwrite the sound folder.

Open the data files entry on the New Vegas loader and place a check in the box next to Goodsprings Filler.esp.

To uninstall delete the Goodsprings Filler.esp, go into the sound folder, then the voice folder, and delete the folder called Goodsprings Filler.esp.


Anything that alters the boarded up buildings around Goodsprings will probably be incompatibile.

You can still use mods that add player houses to Goodsprings even if the mods conflict. Ask the mod creator to tell you (or find out for yourself) the formID of the cell of the house. Then use the console to type coc formID to enter the house.

Change log and bug fixing

There was an issue with version 1.1 and 1.2 where fast travelling and then attempting to save or enter a cell would crash the game. This has been fixed in version 1.3 and above.


Lingwei - quest design, building design, voice acting.
People in the comments thread - Bug reports, suggestions, encouragement.