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Allows players to retrieve their thrown melee weapons. Players can also craft throwable weapons and convert weapons between throwable and normal melee forms.

Permissions and credits
1.1 - Default version now includes pinning and retrieval without having to use my old lobbing method!
1.1 - Made three different variants (Default, Recipes Only, and Lobbing).
1.0 - Initial Release

Ever been frustrated at how terrible thrown melee weapons are? They're not only rare, but they also cannot be picked up after they've been thrown. In unmodded New Vegas it doesn't matter if you hit a wall or a person, the throwing weapon can never be picked up again. My tribal ended up being quite a sad panda at only being able to throw a handful of weapons over the course of tens of hours. I decided to change that.


-Allows players to:
++retrieve thrown spears, knives, and hatchets.
++craft throwing spears and knives.
++convert throwing versions of weapons to normal, and vice versa.
++Collect and throw debris for low level players and for last ditch efforts.

-Let's players use most of these abilities at both workshops and campfires.

-Fixes the bug in orginal New Vegas where throwing weapons would explode if shot!

*Prevents thrown objects from unrealistically penetrating into stone, metal, and other surfaces.

* = Depending on which variant is chosen.


I've included a couple different variants so that hopefully everyone can be happy. If you want to use the default version just move the first .esp files you see into your data folder and add that to your mod list. If you want to use either of the other variants simply move one of those .esp files there instead. You should only be running ONE of these!

Default Version (The first esp you'll see)

+All the advertised features
+Thrown weapons can be retrieved if they hit an enemy.
-If they miss they are considered broken and cannot be retrieved.
+Weapons will still pin enemies and penetrate deeply into walls and floors.

Lobbing Version

+Thrown weapons can always be retrieved regardless of if you miss or not.
+Thrown weapons will not penetrate into solid stone or any other surface, which is probably more realistic.
+Can throw debris.
-The throwing projectiles sometimes look weird, especially in VATS (may also miss more in VATS).
-No pinning enemies with throwing weapons.
-Poisoning thrown weapons does not work.

Recipe Only Version

+Thrown weapons still have the exploding bug fixed, but no other changes are made to how they work.
+All recipes except thrown debris are included.
-No retrieval of thrown weapons.


[Knife refers to the melee weapon "Knife" and not any of the butter knives, unique knives, combat, throwing, or assassin knives]

Knife<->Throwing Knife and Hatchet<->Throwing Hatchet
Where: Campfire or Workbench

Converts weapons from their thrown form to their melee form and vice versa. There are no skill requirements for this.
You must have the appropriate weapon in your inventory to even see this option (keeps the recipe section cleaner).

Collect Debris
Where: Campfire
How: Survival 25

Player searches the wasteland for random garbage, debris, stones, and bones for something to throw. This essentially allows an infinite supply of terrible ranged ammo. Most useful for starting melee characters and for those that want to lure out animals from a distance.

Create Throwing Knife
Where: Campfire or Workbench
How: Survival 30 + scrap metal + whetstone + leather belt

File down some scrap metal and make a little hilt for it.

Create Throwing Spear
Where: Campfire or Workbench
How: Survival 45 + pool cue + wonderglue + knife

Makes a single throwing spear by attaching a knife to the end of a pool cue.

Create Throwing Spear (Improved)
Where: Campfire or Workbench
How: Survival 65 + wonderglue + knife

A more experienced survivalist can do without a pool cue by taking random brooms, sticks of metal, tree limbs, and other pole-like objects from the environment. To even see this recipe you must have 65 or greater survival skill.

Known Bugs

Yea I know the debris is just a skull. If you want to make a better stone model or something I'll gladly implement it and change it to collect rocks or something.

Legal Stuff

I am not responsible for anything that happens if you use this. Use at your own risk.

If you want to incorporate this mod into yours then email me at [email protected]