Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Adds 2 new races more anime style for your game!

Permissions and credits
sorry, everything stop, may not start again...everything stop when my son born, now he is a 3 years old badass.sorry for every one whom download my mod, and if some one wish to using my models or some others, NO need my permission, and don't tell me, just feel free.

Shojo Race Vegas 0.9s

anime style custom races for FalloutNV

Project. A.E.Vegas Vol.1

Please upload your character's screenshots! But remember no nudes allowed.


"Shojo" means "Young Girl" in japanese.
This is a custom RACE mod, it adds 2 new race, "Shojo" and "She". "Shojo" with 18 facegen presets, in child scale, "She" with 12 facegen presets, in adult scale. Basically this mod is only for female characters, but for some testing reasons added 3 male version presets for "Shojo" race.
It can make you female player character looks more anime style.
And, there is a variant race named "Shojo Ghoul" from "Shojo", its original purpose is for changing some NPC such as Charon from FO3 into Shojo race, but I didn't do any more work on it. So just simply move it to FNV.
For now this mod only contains race data, no other function.
"Shojo" race face mash is from Angelica Mod.


add 3 more She's presets
remake textures for She
add new eyebrows for She

new adult scale race "She"
new face textures
some little adjust on Shojo's presets

So SORRY for Shojo Ghoul hand texture missing issue!
just fix it now!

move from FO3
add more hairs in COtW
add Ghoul Shojos

Background Story

Why should my character looks so ugly while she is in Fallout world, just for some reason such as "realism" or anything else? As an asian people, grow up with anime, to me it is intolerable.
I really needs a soft looking face for my game. If I could.

Two people starts this flame in my heart deeply.
One is Backsteppo, once I saw he post a screenshot of his character, It's just so cute, how wonderful if playing game with it! Sadly, he never released. At lest this thing let me know that it's possible to change face in game.
Some time after that, I start learning moding, and, the second people shows up.
Another one is the people who made Angelica Mod, a very famous companion mod in Japan, I like that mod very much. but I didn't satisfied with the looking of the character a little bit.. just too anime stylize.
So I try to make face presets using his face meshes, with geck. After weeks, the Shojo Race came out.
Maybe some people has the same thought with game like me. But what if they cannot use geck, 3DsMax, such very annoying things? OK, Shojo Race is not only for myself. It must for everyone needs.

I am very struggle with one thing, It's impossible for me to find this people, and ask for a permission.
But what ever, very great thanks for this two guy, without them, there NEVER have the Shojo Race.


* -Children of the Wasteland- Enhanced Playable Children
only its meshes and textures of hairs are required, see below folders:

* Anthony Lings Coiffure - Hair Eyes Lashes for FONV
and its requirement


install as its description, and remember rename the directly [ fallout3.esm ] into [ falloutnv.esm ]

* Shojo Neko and Extension Vegas

* Child - Shojo Headgear Project

* Child Head Gear Project

* Search for more about shojo race

Install and Uninstall

* Install: After install all requirements, unpack the .rar file and copy the files to your /data folder, load after [ Lings.esm ] and check the [ Shojo Race Vegas.esm ] in fomm, start your game and now you have new races for your character. You can start a new game or by using console command "showracemenu" to change your race, but attention doing this you might lost some of your perk.

* Uninstall: You must change your race to vanilla race in game, save and quit, then delete the files of this mod.


Q: My character's face dissapear in my face gen window when I rotate it!
A: Open ur command console in game pres ~(if ur keyboard is diferent, is the key to left of the num 1, and top of tab) and use player.setscale 1 or 1.25 to make ur shojo BIG make ur changes, and change again ur scale to 1 or .9 what ever u feel right. [aruless]

Q: Ok why is my character a oversized child...
A: Save and reload the game. You'll get the correct height. [XSoldier]

Q: Now my character is normal. But with an adult body?
A: The mod uses the Adult Body with a child-sized head. This is not a bug, this is by design. [XSoldier]

Q: When I change my character's race, will it lose some perk?
A: Not sure. But IRC in Oblivion exist a way around this whole "stats nullification" issue... It work like this:
1) Open the console and type showracemenu and press Enter.
2) DON'T CLOSE THE CONSOLE... leave it open and make your changes.
3) When you're done, don't click the Done button. Instead, press Esc to bring up the menu and Save into a new (recommended) or existing slot. You won't be able to save via the console.
4) Quit game from the menu.
5) Start game and load.
It work in Oblivion and maybe work in Fallout. [JayAugustinVerner]


BHunter Z