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Talon Company in New Vegas

ORIGINAL FILE IS LOCATED HERE: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15132

I wanted to add a New vegas mod asap for some reason to add my idea to the F0NVNexus Community. Dont worry, im adding to the f03 Talon Company Mod soon. Just wanted to add this ingame now.

You will find a Unique looking 10mm Pistol at the Bar of the Prospecter's Saloon in Goodsprings.

It also has a Strange Note witch details a Scouts report.

A Case of 10mm bullets is also present.

And if you look behind you when you na these weps, theres a bunch of Casual Gear that bears the Mark of the Talon.


Version française - nécessite encore le fichier v5.7 principal, c'est le esp français


By surrgestion, female Talon Mercs Now roam the Airfield now.

Talon has reconsied that Women are just as Equal as men in The battlefield.

I also Added some Meshes and textures that could Fix your missing Scope error and Tape Round the Chinese magazine. Also I also added More Chinese Assault Rifle veriants as I could not find them in the Trunk tho The GECK says I have.

(By the Way, How The Hell do you Spell "Surrgest" or what ever?!

Another update now, All the Gear can be found at Searchlight Airfield.

Added an slight update on what I hope is to come, Talon thugs are roaming Freeside, spreading fear and opression to Freeside residants and skirmishes between Freeside thugs and The Kings are Common place. Tho these are the more dangerous highly Trained Talon Mercenaries you encounter out in the Wasteland(yet)

They are rowdy and might just choose to shoot at you if they dont like you or wearing King Colours.

They are armed with Talon handguns.

NOTE THIS IS JUST A TEST for people to provide and if you wish, tidy it up and add a interior please?


v5.7 is up, tho ya already know that.


v5.6 = Now added Female veriants for you female fans. Sorry, forgot that in the initial release, all good now.
The P90C is now available too as well as sleveless Armor if you like veriaty.

There is now a Talon Doggy in the Saloon now that just wanders about.

Hes not a Follower or anything, just there to show whats coming

The Talon Dogs have Custom Body armor based off Tumbajamba's Dog Armor: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14510

And thier appreance is based off Ryudar's Dogmeat retexture found here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5841 - I did not change anypart of the Texture.

OH I FORGOT THE BERETS. I will upload the v5.6 with the berets in it. Stay tuned.


v5.5 is up with More weapon veriations and such SUCH AS:

HeroinZero's Samurai's Edge But Talonised. (:

KDStudio's High quality Talon Issue Service Rifle - Single and Auto Capabilities. It even goes with a matching Combat Armor KDStudios made for me in Fallout 3, i thought I get it here.

And my own crappy retextes that I like to play with ok?
My ones includes Talon Vermit Rifle, Talon Service Rifle and gunnars2's free to use Chinese Assault Rifle Variants with own Custom fire sound.

Oh and a Talon Business Suit, Pimp Suit (KDSTudios) and I did mention the new Talon Combat Armor mentioned.


SOON: I will start inplimenting Talon Mercs out and about in the Eastern parts of NV.

I dunno ye where to set them up yet as I need to do Much more exploring firstly.

CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME RECONSTRUCT THE TALON DIALOGUES FROM Fo3? I wish to use the riginal Voices used in fo3 as
Bladerting said in a comment:

I hope you gonna put all the Talon Company Dialog into New Vegas as well, i JUST love when they yell "TALON COMPANY!" for no reason XD"

- I AGREE. I just have a Talon Merc at the back of my mind constantly Shouting this to urge me to get that Thrase ingame.


v5.4 Small changes and spelling errors checked. Hope all likes.


v5.2 - After alot of help from FavoredSoul, I have managed or he has managed to get the helmet compatable ingame

I have also added a few more weapons bsed on Fallout 3 ingame with thier own Textures.

Chinese Assault Rifle, G3 Assault Rifle, SMG Talon Edition and 2 9mm Talon Edition

Also THe armor has been reworked abit.

NOTE: I am ver sure people will be wanting normal versions of the Chinese Assault rifle etc, thing is, I WILL DO IT LATER.

OK? ENjoy.

Ill go into detail about damage where o find it etc.

Im just tired from all the work I don retexturing and the like. I WANT TO ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME

I will now with my custom armor (:



This is my Mod for New Vegas but I aint no Noob. I have Modded Oblivion and Fallout 3.

I just recently become used to retexturing so this is my first range of Textures.

I will add more. My overal Plan is to get Fallout 3's Talon Company to pay a visit to New Vegas.

I know some of you are not gonna like this idea an want to keep New vegas Vegas and fo3 seperate but I Believe otherwise.

Oh by the way, when I first entered The Saloon, I decided to exist the game, fire up theNV Geck and create this.

I have not contnued the game further as I type this so hoo haa.

Just thought I state that.


Im a bit foggy about this part as its not in the Bathesda folder WHERE IT SHOULD BE!!!!! like f03 is placed.
(I hate Steam)

You place this in your ummm...

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data

Thats the Default Placing BUT If I was you, I move the folder and it should then be:

C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout New Vegas\Data


MORE TO COME and where the hell is the Chinese Assault Rifle?!

Oh wait, its here.





LEGAL. Currently nobody is allowed to use this in any of their mods as Im not finished wth it at all. Only KDStudios, FavoredSoul and a few select otheres witch I forget at this time can use if for aything.

I mean my retexts cant be used for anything esle at this time. Give it a month and I shall see...

Azax is More than welcome to use this for anything tooo.