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Kerberos Armor and mg42 for New Vegas

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The weapon models are no longer included in the v2 files. The weapons were removed as there was some copy right issues, specifically where the resources came from. I am currently trying to track down replacements and receive permission to use them.

There are some great ww 2 era weapons being made by this guy,



Update soon to come with a redone commander mesh and a new Sniper model.

I highly recommend using Nightvsion and thermal vison with this mod.
You need both files for it to work.



This is a port of baelkin and anonetwo Kerberos/Chinese Heavy armor.
tumbajamba created the original "Commander" armor and the textures for it.

Used with permission.

I made some changes for New Vegas.

1 Armor is now darker and glossy also the eyes glow
Female model was added for Riot Gear

2 The shoulder pads now move with the arms so no more clipping when aiming and running.

Armor can be found at the Nevada Highway Patrol Station. There are 3 of the riot gear and 1 commander set.


Optional files for lighter textures for the armor sets

As well as lower DT setting for people who like to use stim packs!

xx000ae6 Helmet
xx000ae8 mask
xx000ae9 Backpack
xx000aea Balaclva
xx001384 Commander
xx000ade Riot Gear