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A growing collection of modules designed to tweak and balance various elements of gameplay. In general, these adjustmejnts will make the game more difficult, and the deserts of Nevada a less forgiving place.

Permissions and credits
Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me as 'that Quest guy' from Fallout 3. I'm glad to see that you made the long, dangerous journey from the Capitol wasteland to the searing sands of Nevada in one piece. Welcome!

If you're more in the mood for questing than tweaking, head on over to Tales from the Burning Sands and get your boots dusty with my first adventure mod. Hope to see you there!


Extract the contents of the balance modules you chose to download to your New Vegas Data folder. Tick the box next to the appropriate .esp in the New Vegas 'Data Files' launcher (or the New Vegas Mod Manager.)


This mod will consist of a number of modules designed to tweak, balance, and adjust gameplay. Most of the content will be ported over from my existing Fallout 3 mods, and kept in one place to make it easier for players to find the balance modules they want.
As a heads-up, these modules will generally be designed to make the Nevada landscape a far less forgiving place. Most (though not necessarily all, as is the case with Quieter Vats) will probably be best enjoyed by those playing Very Hard+Hardcore and still seeking a bit of extra stress from the wasteland (without resorting to such gimmicks as increased enemy health, etc.).

All modules are completely independent, and can be enabled or disabled at any time.

[size=+1]PMT - Responsive Kill Reactions.esp[/size]
version 1.01

This mod is a port of Mezmorki's Responsive Kill Reactions (with original scripting from schlangster) from Fallout 3. The only change made to the script is a check to see if the player is cloaked (via StealthBoy effect) when assessing a response. If the player is cloaked the detection event (which causes the actor who discovered the body move to aggressively toward the player) is not generated.

Check the readme file for debugging information, as well as various settings that can be changed.

NVSE is required for this mod to function properly.

[size=+1]PMT - MultiTweak Pack[/size]
1.02 - Update June.25.2012. New NO REDUCED WORD ITEMS optional .esp. Use this one instead of the regular MultiTweak if you are experiencing slowdowns with the standard MultiTweak.

The inspiration for this came to me when I realized that several of my mods were overwriting each other, leading to unavoidable conflicts in certain areas. I decided to combine all of the mods that were fighting each other into one, enabling me to reduce conflicts and create a more peaceful .esp environment.

I thought that introducing a slightly more colorful customization method than changing globals via console commands would be a good addition, so I added a new location for the player to find that contains some unusual machines for the customization process. There's a note or two to find in the cozy place, so you might have bit of leisurely reading while customizing your New Vegas experience.

The following mods are combined into the MultiTweak (several of them have been updated as well, to address omissions). If you have any of the below mods currently enabled, make sure to disable them before enabling PMT - Multipack.esp.

Deadlier Combat Mk II
More Demanding Hardcore
Reduced Ammo & Chems
Reduced Caps & Item value
Reduced Armor & Weapon value
Destructible Ordnance
More Radiation from Pre-war Ingestibles *new
Reduced World Items *new
Slower Reloading

At the customization location you can adjust several different settings, so if you don't like one of the changes (such as slower reloading) you can adjust it. Not everything is customizable, but there's a fair number of options.

For a hint on the location of the new customization location, consult the gallery; there's a screenshot taken while sitting in a chair next to the location. There's also a spoiler at the bottom of the readme.txt in case you don't feel like sleuthing your way to the location.

[size=+1]PMT - Reduced World Items[/size]
v 1.0


Reduces the amount of valuable items scattered around the wasteland. Default settings reduce the amount of ingestibles and misc items in the game world by approximately 50%. This reduction can be customized (consult the readme file for details.) The various reduction levels can be customized.

[size=+1]PMT - Skill Point System[/size]

Allows the player to select a preferred skill point progression from six different skill systems.
The 'Educated' perk is also changed. Instead of granting an additional 2 skill points per level, it now grants +2 XP whenever the player gains XP. In addition, the player will have a greater chance to run across magazines, and a small chance to find one on any human/post-human he or she kills.
Check the gallery image for a quick rundown of the various SP progression options.

[size=+1]PMT - Lonesome Road Mod Pack[/size]

Updated June.25.2012 - added missing bed to Missile Base HQ.
A collection of independent mods designed to tweak, balance, and increase the difficulty of the player's adventure through Lonesome Road. Most modules are designed for players who think wandering buck-naked into a fresh DLC at level four is a stellar idea. See the readme.txt for a more detailed description of what each .esp does.

PMT - LR - Reduced Ammo Food Chems

PMT - LR - Gyrojet Mk II
(adds a new weapon, a re-textured sing-shot flare gun, capable of shooting the rockets the Red Glare can fire.)

PMT - LR - Reduced Armor and Weapon Values

PMT - LR - Improved Turrets
(more powerful turrets, now renamed the Nakamura Heavy Turret and armed with a spiffy blue laser. The sentry bots have also been given Red Glare rockets instead of the normal missiles for a bit of variety).

PMT - LR -Reduced Armor and Weapon Values

PMT - LR - Better Flashbangs
(better chance to frenzy tunnelers, always knocks tunnelers down)

PMT - LR - Tweaked Missile Base HQ.esp
(adds a campfire, bed, ammo bench, and workshop to the Missile Base HQ.)

PMT - LR - Unlock Both Nuked Zones

PMT - LR - Crippling Stops Rad Healing
(cripple ghoul limbs to stop their high-powered healing)

PMT - LR - Decreased Radiation
(considerably smaller radius for deadly radiation in the Courier's Mile and the two nuked zones.)

[size=+1]PMT - Old World Blues Mod Pack[/size]

A collection of independent mods designed to tweak, balance, and increase the difficulty of the player's adventure through Old World Blues. Most modules are designed for players who think wandering buck-naked into a fresh DLC at level four is a wonderful idea.

The readme for the file includes full details. Here's a list of the .esp names to wet your whistle:

PMT - OWB - Reduced Ammo and items
PMT - OWB - Reduced Big MT spawns
PMT - OWB - Reduced World Scrap
PMT - OWB - Hazmat Suit Tweaks
PMT - OWB - Slave Collar Explosives
PMT - OWB - Sonic Emitter Robot Damage Fix
PMT - OWB - Less Generous Sink Buddies

[size=+1]PMT - Assassin Suit Tweaks.esp[/size]

I like the assassin suit found in Dead Money, but I didn't really care for the name. I also didn't love the large nipple-looking plate things on the chest piece. See the image in the gallery for details on what I altered. Full list of changes:
Name changed to Advanced Recon Armor
  • texture changed; large nipple-plates removed, color adjusted
  • Damage Threshold: lowered from 14 to 12
  • Armor Rating (% damage absorbed) raised from 0 to 12
  • Weight lowered from 20 to 12
  • Value lowered from 7500 to 2500
  • Sneak bonus lowered from 10 to 8
  • [size=+1]PMT - Destructible Ordnance.esp 1.01[/size] *updated February.26.2011

    All grenades (40mm and 25mm included), missiles, and mines (excluding C4) can now be shot and destroyed. This will result in an explosion, and can be used to 'seed' mines to make them more damaging. Collateral damage can also destroy ordnance (and thus cause explosions), so exercise caution in using suppresive fire/explosives in areas not yet cleared of loose ordnance.

    New module included designed to work with Reduced Ammo and Chems. Enable only one of the two Destructible Ordnance .esp files at a time..

    [size=+1]PMT - More Demanding Hardcore.esp[/size]

    v 1.01
    This mod gives hardcore mode a nastier bite, and requires the player to pay more attention to what he eats, as well as how often he drinks and sleeps.

    1) Doubles sleep and starvation rates, increases thirst rates by 80%.
    2) chems weighted, and stimpaks are more expensive and heal over 10 seconds instead of six seconds.
    3) Less healing and hunger reduction from pre-war foods. On the bright side, weight has been reduced on a few food items and water reduces dehydration more effectively.
    4) Faster accumulation of radiation and no loss of rads over time.

    [size=+1]PMT - Reduced Ammo and Chems.esp[/size]

    v 1.041
    When I walked into a facility not too far from the starting location and managed to grab over one hundred rounds of .308 ammo without a fight, difficult lock-picking, or karma loss I knew something had to be done. Reduced Ammo and Chems reduces the amount of ammunition you find by approximately 60%, and drastically reduces the ammunition found from most 'placed' clips. No longer will you find stacks of ammunition sprinkled around like toothpicks; when you do find them, there will usually just be one or two overlooked rounds for you to pilfer. *New in 1.041*: Restored the optional Reduced Caps and Item Value, which reduces the amount of caps the player finds, as well as the value of a few moneymakers (cigarette packs, cartons, etc.)

    First aid kits are less likely to yield the 'good stuff', and finding a Stimpak in one is no longer a guarantee.

    The variables that control scarcity can now be customized by the user. Please see the readme included in the download for details.

    As with the other modules, this one is independent; you do *not* need to enable Reduced Ammo and Chems.esp for Reduced Caps and Item value to function.

    Included with 1.041 is PMT - Honest Hearts Reduced Ammo. It functions in a similar fashion, by reducing ammo found in the Honest Hearts DLC. Enable this file only if you have Honest Hearts installed.

    [size=+1]PMT - Slower Reloading.esp[/size]

    This mod helps reduce the manic, frenzied animation speed that accompanies certain weapon reloads. A perk is given to the player that displays the procedure for changing the reload speed in-game.

    1) Agility no longer affects reloading speed.
    2) Most lever-action weapons (and unique variants) have their cocking speed reduced by 40%.
    3) Global reloading speed reduced by 15% (configurable by the user, see the Sane reload perk entry in-game.)

    v 1.02 introduces an optional .esp to make the reloading perk invisible. Make sure to enable only one of the two .esps.

    [size=+1]PMT - Slower Backward Movement.esp[/size]

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Lork for his work on a mod of similar capacity for Fallout 3; his excellent work on Slower Backpedaling was the inspiration for this mod.

    This mod slows down your character so you can't merrily run at full speed backward while taking pot shots at enemies. At full health, with an agility of five, you'll move at exactly 50% of your normal speed when backpedaling.

    If you are injured you won't be able to move as quickly. Higher agility can help offset injury, and, likewise, being a bit of a clutz (low agility) will lower your backpedaling speed even more.

    v 1.02 corrects a bug to the script that could cause erratic limb-crippling behavior.

    [size=+1]PMT - Nastier mines and grenades.esp[/size] *updated August.16.2011

    Mines shouldn't be a minor nuisance, nor should they give you three seconds warning before exploding. They should be deadly and expedient. This mod decreases the detonation timer from 3 seconds to 0.9 seconds, increases damage by approximately 50% across the board, and increases explosive radius for most mines by 20%. Most tossed grenade types also are granted an increase in damage. These changes affect mines and grenades used by you *or* enemies, so tread lightly and get ready to make an expedient exit and dive for cover if you see that 'grenade warning' arrow.

    v1.03 changes a few values to reflect changes made in the latest official New Vegas patch. An optional .esp that changes the timer to 1.6 seconds is also available, for those of you who want just a bit more time to disarm a mine.

    [size=+1]PMT - Explosive Robots.esp[/size]

    When destroyed, the volatile components and power sources within robots may destabilize, causing a dangerous explosion. Several different explosions are possible. This does not affect the items that can be gathered from fallen robots.

    Destabilization generally occurs within two to fourteen seconds.

    [size=+1]PMT - Deadlier Combat.esp[/size]

    Updated Nov.13.2010 with an additional optional .esp
    I've experimented with multiple changes to the DT/damage system, and have finally found one that seems to be working well for me. Combat is frequently vicious and brief, and having to pump round after round of ammunition into an unarmored raider happens far less frequently. Most people, the player included, will kick the bucket after eating from one to three bullets. Getting in the first shot is more crucual than ever.

    This mod makes combat more challenging and deadly.

    1) All weapons deal 100% more damage.
    2) All creatures deal 100% more damage.
    3) Player and NPCs have approximately 35% less health.
    4) Player limbs take 100% damage (instead of 50%)
    5) Armor and creatures have AR equal to DT rating.*

    * This is the most controversial change in this mod, as it can potentially devalue armor from a defensive standpoint by making most weapons/creature attacks bypass the damage threshold. The additional armor rating helps offset this. As a result, you'll generally run into fewer situations where you can't damage an enemy successfully (since damage is doubled globally), but the AR will help reduce damage to make armor still viable and important.
    Unfortunately, I had to edit armor entries individually to achieve this effect, meaning that user-added armors will not gain the benefit of the adjusted AR (unless of course the original armor maker decided to modify AR.)

    Also included is Deadlier Combat Mk II. It retains all of the changes from deadlier combat, but it does not affect NPC health at all (thus, NPCs will have more health than they do in the standard Deadlier Combat .esp.)


    [size=+1]PMT - Gravity Kills.esp[/size]

    This mod decreases the distance your character can fall without taking damage. In Vanilla New Vegas, your character can fall over two stories (~20 feet) without suffering injury. While this feat can certainly be accomplished by experienced gymnasts in controlled situations, it's a bit ridiculous to think of a character lugging around heavy equipment, quite possibly mal-nourished, dehydrated, injured, and irradiated making such leaps without injury on a regular basis.

    The distance a character can fall without injury is approximately 9 feet, or roughly a one story drop.

    The chance to injure limbs when falling has been increased by 30%.

    [size=+1]PMT - Tougher Economy.esp[/size]

    This mod adjusts the economy to make it a bit more difficult to accumulate a mountain of caps.
    1) Most items are 70% more expensive
    2) The player receives 50% less for items sold

    [size=+1]PMT - Rude Awakening.esp[/size]

    When I first left Doc's house, I realized that I had two weapons, dozens of rounds of ammunition, stimpaks, food, water, caps, and other assorted items. While it was pleasant to be laden down with presents, it didn't really sit well with the hard scrabble life out in the wastes.

    This mod drastically reduces the amount of 'freebies' located in Doc's house, and removes any of your pre-order bonus items to a locked (average difficulty) safe within Doc's house. It also makes the items you receive when leaving his house considerably lousier; expect to enter the harshness of the Nevada sun with a handful of caps, a drink or two, a morsel of food, and maybe a hat if you're lucky.


    [size=+1]PMT - Quieter Vats.esp[/size]

    Perhaps it's my audio configuration, but the VATS interface noises seemed louder and somewhat irritating in New Vegas. This is a tiny mod that simply attenuates the volume of most of the interface sounds in VATS (when you enter VATS, select a target, etc.), making the sounds quieter.

    [size=+1]PMT - Faint Heartbeat.esp[/size]

    Two .esp files included in the download. Faint Heartbeat quiets the low health heartbeat sound, making it barely audible in a quiet area. Silent Heartbeat silences the low health heartbeat sound. I found this useful in Dead Money, where the player may spend a large amount of time with low health. Enable only one of the two .esp files at a time.

    [size=+1]PMT - Reduced Challenge Notifications.esp[/size]


    PMT - Reduced Challenge Notifications.esp suppresses the constant 'You have killed xx / xx enemies with a xx' style messages that continually spam the player during normal play. Challenge rewards are still obtainable, and you will still see 'threshold' updates (5/10, 10/20)

    PMT - Total Challenge Remover performs a Sherman's March on the challenge system, squashing all challenges. You will not receive updates of any kind, nor rewards. This also disables a few non-quest-based achievements.

    [size=+1]PMT - TougherVehicles.esp[/size]

    Vehicles take four times as much damage before they explode, making them more suitable to use as cover during a firefight. Credit goes to skullking777 for his work on a similar mod for Fallout 3.

    [size=+1]PMT - Very Hard Damage Adjustment.esp[/size]

    Changes the damage dealt and received while playing on Very Hard difficulty. Enemies suffer 100% damage (instead of 50%), and the player suffers 250% damage (instead of 200%). Everything dies more quickly! Watch your six.

    [size=+1]PMT - Sound Fixes.esp[/size]

    I play New Vegas on a 5.1 surround system, at a volume level that's at times a touch excessive. As a result, I sometimes notice poorly balanced sound effects. I also frequently hear a quiet 'pop' whenever certain ambient sound files loop; while this may just be a result of my particular audio configuration, it's maddening, so I silenced several interior looping audio files to remove the popping loop noise.

    This mod also attenuates (but does not silence) certain other sound effects that seemed far too loud, such as the Cazador 'I feel woozy' sound, the disintegration sound, and the harvest/amputation sound.

    [size=+1]PMT -OWB - Sonic Emitter Robot Damage Fix[/size]

    REQUIRES OLD WORLD BLUES DLC. The Sonic Emitter is a nifty looking gun, and it's supposed to deal extra damage to robots. Unfortunately, it only inflicts an additional visual effect on the OWB robots, instead of actually inflicting the 50 extra damage it's supposed to inflict. This mod changes a condition flag to restore the 50 extra damage to anything with robotic components.

    [size=+1]PMT - XPadjust.esp[/size]

    This module changes the XP growth curve, resulting in slower character progression.

    1) Increases the XP required to gain a level by 83%.
    2) Halves the XP obtained from lockpicking and hacking, and triples the exploration bonus (finding new map locations).
    3) New necklace automatically given to the player. When equipped, this necklace hides the ugly neck seam and grants a perk to the player based on the player's Intelligence score. This perk provides a small bonus to XP whenever XP is earned (to prevent those annoying 1XP kills.), and will shift dynamically if the player's Intelligence value changes while the necklace is worn.

    You may be pleased to discover that the perky Sunny Smiles has found one of the necklaces as well.


    PMT - Non-combat XP reduced (included in the XP adjust download)

    This .esp reduces the amount of XP the player receives when out of combat. This helps to reduce the sometimes massive rewards received from quests. By default, the mod is set to reduce non-combat XP by 30%. This can be changed by the user to one of four values. To set the value, drop the console with ~ and type:
    Set XPNCLevel to xx
    where xx is either 15, 30, 50, or 75. This value corresponds to the percent reduction in non-combat XP received. If xx is set to any other value, it effectively disables this mod (no reduction in XP received.)

    Please be aware that if you one-shot stealth kill an enemy, and no other enemies are alerted, the XP reduction may 'kick in' and award you less XP for the kill.

    This module can be used in conjunction with either Tougher XPadjust or XPadjust to fine tune your experience preferences.

    [size=+1]Known Conflicts/Bugs[/size]

    (PMT - XPadjust.esp): Sunny Smiles may not equip her necklace right away; usually when she zones (enters or leaves an interior cell) she will equip the necklace.


    Kikaimegami for the model & texture, which is a part of his excellent Kikai's Equipment, a mod for Fallout 3. That mod is available for download here:

    Per Kikai's mod description, he has given credit for others to use his work as long as credit is given.

    [size=+1]Points of Interest

    If you've never played my quest mods, and own Fallout 3, you may want to check the mirrors tab of this mod for links to help you mosey on over to my adventures.

    Thank you for dropping by, pardner! See you in the desert.