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Prefix a description to items, for sorting. Currently has plugins for Books, Magazines, Cards, Mods, Misc Craft Parts, Ammo Parts, Currency, Chems, Alcohol, and Food.
Book: Duck and Cover!
Mag: Lad's Life
Card: 10 of Clubs - Ultra-Luxe

Permissions and credits
Prefix a description to items, for sorting. Currently has plugins for Books, Magazines, Cards, Food, Chems, Poisons, Crafting parts, Ammo parts, and Mods.

Honest Hearts: I have it but haven't played it yet. If someone can let me know what to class various ingestibles as (food, chem, toxin, whether it's a caft component etc) I could make a sorter for it.

For an actual search box to filter your item list by search string, check out my new Inventory Search.

For a scripted (compatible) item sorter mod, Project Nevada has one built in (defaults to off); however, for a cleaner/newer implementation, I would suggest pushthewinbutton's Universal Item Sorter.

Update 5/22/2011: 2.2
  • Updated Sorter - Combined and Sorter - Dead Money to incorporate fixes from Community Bugfix Compilation. Load Bugfix before Sorters.
  • Added new Optional modules: Empty Consumables and Empty Consumables - Dead Money.This will add empty syringes when using stimpaks, tin can from pork n beans, etc. Full list below at end of description.
  • If you use LFox's Bottle That Water, load it AFTER sorters.

Update 5/15/2011: 2.1
  • Fixed several wrong values in main file (value of stimpak, weight of empty syinge)
  • Updated items to 1.3 patch values
  • Updated main file to include new Misc Item Icons v0.9 release 4/27/2011
  • Updated patch for bivar's Weight Balance v1.0 release 12/6/2010
  • Added Dead Money patch. Please note that Dead Money is not compatible with Lightweight Sanitizer mod.
  • Changed Water to H2O prefix
  • antistar's WMX mod already prefixes his new modkits with MOD. I may see about a patch for WME.

Update 11/23/2010:
  • Added Optional file: Inventory Sorters RUS
  • Russian translation provided by Yavorovich

No update here, but Imp's More Complex Needs - New Vegas has a compatibility patch for this mod in its optional files.

Update 11/06/2010: 2.0a
  • Added new optional file to prefix "MOD:" on the new mods from Moddable Unique Weapons by alexandersig. The main file there still required. Load the optional patch after Moddable Unique Weps.esp
  • Update 11/04/2010: 2.0[list]
  • Rolled optional files T3T compat patch and Aid Crafting into the main file***. These two optionals are no longer needed in the load order. If you dislike/don't want these, you'll need to continue to use the older version of the mod. T3T is now fully built in.
  • Changed capitalization of Mod and Card categories to match others.
  • Removed unintended effect changed to: Iced Nuka Cola, Turbo, Ultrajet.
  • Added new optional file for compatibility with Weight Balance by Bivar.
  • Moved a few items to the "AID" category: Bitter drink, Stealthboy, NCR radio, Healing Powder...
  • Note: Lightweight Food Sanitizer by Morbide, has a compatibility version. It's the "plus" version on that page. If you use the Community Bugfix Compilation Patch, load Morbide's Plus version after it (Morbide's main non-compat version is part of the patch).
  • Note: Permanent Skill Mags by Holty07 has a compatibility version on its page.
  • Should be compatible with most repair list mods, since they edit formlists, not the objects.
***Example 2.0 load order:***
  • Compiled Patch.esp (if using Community Bugfix Compilation)
  • Weight Balance.esp (if using)
  • Inventory Sorter - Combined.esp
  • Inventory Sorter - Combined - Weighted.esp (if using Weight Balance)
  • Permanent Skill Mags - Item Sorter.esp (if using. Don't need Permanent Skill Mag.esp)
Update 10/27/2010: 1.8Finally changed Book and Magazine categories to all-caps like the rest of the categories. Update 10/27/2010: 1.7Added yeast and fission battery to parts. Thank you lynxx.Update 10/26/2010: 1.6Added a new Optional File:Sorter - Combined - Aid Crafting.espAdds a "+" plus sign at the END of the name of Aid items which are used in recipes. This preserves category as well as alphabetical sorting. See new images. Again, load after Sorter - Combined.espUpdate 10/25/2010: 1.5Added a new Optional File:Compatibility patch for "T3T Misc Item Icons - New Vegas" by The 3rd Type. Load order:
  • T3T_MiscItemIconsNV.esp
  • Sorter - Combined.esp
  • Sorter - Combined - T3T Icon Compatch.esp
Update 10/24/2010: 1.4Added Lead, Egg Timer, Leather Belt, Pile of Nightstalker Eggs, Empty Syringe, Cherry bomb. Thanks for reports, shinyd00meyes and crazyjackal.Update 10/23/2010: 1.3Updated Sorter - Combined version to include Sensor Module as a crafting component.Combined Version released.Either use ONLY the main file (combined all modules) OR use some/all of the optional modules. The main file is all the optionals in one esp.These types group together in Inventory so you can actually find what you're looking for.examples:Aid section
  • Book: Duck and Cover!
  • Mag: Lad's Life
  • CHEM: Jet
  • AID: Stimpack
  • ALCH: Vodka
  • FOOD: Bloatfly Slider
  • TOX: Poisons
Misc Section
  • Card: 10 of Clubs - Ultra-Luxe
  • Mod: 10mm Laser Sight
  • Part: Pressure Cooker
  • Curr: Legion Denarius
Empty Consumables optional addon:
  • Empty Syringe: Stimpak, Super Stimpak, Psycho, Slasher, Rebound, Med-X.
  • Empty Jet Inhaler: Jet, Ultrajet, Dixon's Jet, Turbo, Rocket.
  • Lunchbox: Caravan Lunch
  • Tin Can: Caravan Lunch, Pork n Beans, Irradiated Pork n Beans
  • Empty Sunset Sarsparilla Bottle: Sunset Sarsparilla, Irradiated Sunset Sarsparilla, Steady
  • Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle: Nuka Cola, Ice Cold Nuka Cola, Nuka Cola Quantum, Nuka Cola Quartz, Nuka Cola Victory, Rum & Nuka
  • Empty Scotch Bottle: Scotch, Jake Juice, Irradiated Scotch
  • Empty Whiskey Bottle: Whiskey, Irradiated Whiskey, Dixon's Whiskey
The Following have new misc items; vanilla had no empty bottle for them.
  • Empty Water Bottle: Purified Water, Dirty Water, Irradiated water.
  • Empty Beer Bottle: Beer, Irradiated Beer
  • Empty Vodka Bottle: Vodka
  • Empty Wine Bottle: Wine

Will not be compatible with other mods changing the same base objects.

Extract the archive and place the .esp plugin file in the game's install folder\Data\.

If your Steam was installed in C:\Program Files\ then you'd put it in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\data


Will not be compatible with other mods changing the same base objects.


No known issues so far, please let me know if you find any.


1.0 7/22/2010 - Initial Release


Thanks to Bethesda/Obsidian for creating Fallout NV.
Thanks to T3T and Dekoman91 for misc item icons.

Tools Used:

Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.