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This realism mod gives weapons more punch and makes armor much more relevant just as it should be.

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I uploaded version 19 of the base mod, along with new compatibility patches for Project Nevada and Powered Power armor. This should fix some problems with balance and problems of omission. Version 19 removes some old gameplay changes unrelated to the purpose of the mod.

This version is not the new scripted version that I am working on. With any luck that will be version 20. I just need to do some substantial testing before I put it into the wild, so there isn't another problem with DT being set wrong.

I am working towards universal compatibility with mods by altering DT and damage via scripts, and I want to make the mod have more customization available.

Went ahead and made compatibility patches for the following mods.

Project Nevada
New Vegas Bounties 1 (NVBounties 2 patch is not up yet, sorry for any confusion)
Powered Power Armor

Project Nevada and Powered Power Armor are both amazing mods that work together with NVRBDC very well and add a lot to the experience of New Vegas. Both mods should be a no brainer. Just be sure to snag the compatibility patches in the optional file section here.

Project Nevada - http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=40040

Powered Power Armor

They can be found in the optional files section. Load the patches after pnv.esp, but it doesn't matter what order you put the compatibility patches in.

There is a new version of NVRBDC in the works that will allow various options to be changed to suit the players preferences. Stay tuned.

Okay, so i didn't realize someone had already made some dlc patches for NVRBDC, so feel free to use those, and thank you to the modder that saw fit to provide those in my absence.

The DLC patches are Located here... http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=42171

Much love for you all. I should have more time now to come and give some much needed updates.



This is a simple mod that makes armor and weapon interactions more realistic and gives weapons more punch. Now there is a big difference between someone that is unarmored and someone that is in power armor. It would be nigh impossible to take out someone in power armor with small arms pistol fire, and someone unarmored will be extremely vulnerable to all kinds of attacks.

I am an engineer, and I decided on the numbers thorough some reasonably complex math to visualize how the progression slope for combat looks as compared to vanilla new vegas.The damage and armor numbers are based on that for the most part with some tweaks for playability.

This will make combat less forgiving but more realistic as far as the effects of armor and weapons go.

Most armors have had their DT values as much as doubled and skill plays a bigger role in weapon damage now. All weapons do more realistic damage but skill is important for being able to get the most out of any particular weapon.

The result of these changes is that unarmored opponents become quite vulnerable, with hollow point rounds simply shredding their soft flesh and heavily armored opponents becoming much more formidable, just as they really would be. Armor piercing ammo has been adjusted to be in line with new armor values and larger caliber AP ammo is very effective against heavily armored opponents (and you).

This makes for a highly dynamic combat experience that can change in an instant and have much more to do with character skill and having the types of weapons appropriate for a particular armor.

This mod makes armor matter, so don't forget to bring protection as it will drastically increase survivability.

Keep in mind that you will need the right tool for the job to bring down tougher enemies. A Deathclaw with shrug off small arms fire and you don't want to bring a pea shooter to try and take on a robot sentry, as it wont do any damage.

Just put the pnv.esp file in your data folder and load it last.


Version 17: Problem scripts completely removed. All other changes and improvements retained.

Version 16: Bug fixes - DT will only be reduced by melee attacks at the very instant of impact, no more lingering DT problems, even when switching targets constantly.

Version 15: This version fixes a problem with DT changes not being properly applied and removed on the fly. This also fixes a few power armor values.

Version 14: This version give energy shots more AP along with additional AP to certain energy weapons over and above that.

Version 13: Nerfs DeathClaws somewhat.

Version 12: Version 12 brings melee weapons in line. They are able to ignore certain amounts of armor as they often would, puncturing and crushing through armor, rendering softer armors meaningless against them. This should make melee a better choice and increase power of Legion and improve balance.

Version 11: Tweaks Power Armor to make it much more formidable late game. Note that taking on power armor early is sheer folly.

Version 10: includes various balancing tweaks to various creatures, including deathclaws and robot sentries.

Version 9: Gives merc garb a small amount of armor. Also fixes bug with Max Charge Microfusion Cells

Version 8: Re-balances and reduces energy weapon AP. They were a little too high. This will be better for balance reasons.

Version 7: makes hollow points more effective against very light armors.

Version 6: Fixes some bugs and gives all energy weapons a small to medium amount of armor piercing. This is for two reasons. First, for balance, and secondly because energy weapons are simply more effective against ballistic armors. This AP is much lower than the most powerful AP ballistic ammos.

Version 5: fixes perks and weapon mods to be in line with new values.

Version 4: adds functionality from Closer to Fallout - True Threshold mod. It is just a single setting that makes it so that there is no minimum damage that is applied so it is possible to do zero damage if DT is too high.

Version 3: Fixes natural armor found on creatures to be in line with the new values. No more paper armor on Mr Gutsy.

Version 2: brings AP ammo armor reduction in line with the new armor settings.

New weapons can be added with impunity and will work just great with this mod. Armors require a patch, so if you have any requests, just let me know and I'll create a patch for new armors. Some values for creatures are changed along with ammo, so this mod should be loaded last to get the best effect. Other than that it is very compatible.