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Enhanced Blood Textures v2.22c for New Vegas
By: dDefinder
Increases the resolution size from 256 to 1024 and created new textures for screen, world, wounds, static blood decals and gore. Esps are used to make adjustments for splatters, screenblood, add more giblets and add new wounds related to the weapon type. Ini will change max amount and lifetime for blood that is in the world space. More creatures can now cause wounds where before they didn't.

Blood/gib color may appear differently than intended if you are using any lighting or weather mods.

Current Version Changes
v2.22c New Vegas
-Removed line patterns in base blood splatters
-Added lower res. texture option

v2.22b New Vegas
-Decreased brightness for decap cut parts and splatter
-Added Screen Blood Vanilla Default
-Reduced minimal wounds further for dD-Smaller Wounds
-Further reduced Decap and ragdoll force plugins

--1.Archive Invalidation---
This should have already been done if you've been using texture, mesh or body mods. If not follow these instructions.

-Open FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager)
-Go to tools
-Select/check mark Archive Invalidation (If already checked uncheck and recheck it)

"Extract" data folder into your fallout New Vegas directory.
...\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas

Yes to replace

The Files are inside:
"Enhanced Blood Files" folder

Move file below to the data folder and activate it:

dD - Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp:
Main will change blood splatter size, screen blood settings, add unique wounds and size based on weapon type, and add missing wound texture data to weapons and creatures that didn't have one.

The main parts of the mod should be functional at this point. Everything else below are optional steps.

This will increases the amount and lifetime of blood wounds/splatters

Open Fallout_default.ini Config file found in:
...Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas

-Find the following lines:


and change the numbers to (or any number you want. The higher the more and longer the blood will last):



---Alternate Textures---
For alternate textures, download the alternate texture files then go to go to:
Enhanced Blood Files\Alternate Textures

Extract the data files inside the game folder

Extract the data folder inside the rar into your fallout New Vegas directory.

Following files are all optional!
These are found inside the Optional Plugins folder. Use only one variance for screen blood and spatters. These can be used independently from the main esp expect smaller wounds and spatters.

===Screen Blood===
This will change the screen blood. The main file removal time is 5 seconds. Those need to be loaded after the Main file.
-dD-Less Screen Blood Time.esp:
Reduces the time it takes for the blood to be removed from screen.
-dD-Huge Screen Blood Instant Remove.esp:
Blood will fill the whole screen but will be removed within 0.8 seconds. Acts somewhat like a hit indicator. Recommend "Screen Blood for Full Screen" textures to be used with this.
-dD-No Screen Blood.esp:
Disables blood on screen.
-dD-Screen Blood Vanilla Default:
Reverts screen settings back to vanilla default. You should use Alt screen texture blur textures.

Those plugins are not compatible with other mods that change the hit percentage or damage on certain limbs on characters! If there is a conflict the damage and hit percentage will not match correctly. merging the mods will fix this.
-dD-More Gore.esp:
Increases the size and amount of unsearchable giblets when body parts explode, including robots.

-dD-Reduced Dismember Force.esp:
Reduces the extra amount of force used when body parts explode. Recommended to be used alongside More Gore.esp.
-dD-Reduced Ragdoll Force.esp:
Reduces the extra force of ragdolls when killed.

Needs to be loaded after main esp.
-dD-Smaller Wounds:
Reduces the size of wounds to a more realistic level. Claws and bladed weapon wounds are not affected. NEEDS TO BE LOADED AFTER MAIN PLUGIN.
-dD-Smaller Spatters Realistic:
Reduces the size of splatters to a more realistic level.
-dD-Smaller Spatters Vanilla Default:
Reduces the size of splatters to about the same as the Vanilla default size

Screen Blood issues with FOOK (Screen takes too long to fade or very large screen splatter)
-First press and hold "o" until a menu pops up.
-go to FOSE Dependent options and features
-then Blood Settings
-select Normal or less

If you have issue with decap splatters not working try disabling anti-aliasing. This is a game engine problem that will apply noise filter on the outer edges of particle effects including muzzle flashes and explosions. This is an issue in FO3 were a patch fixed it but then another one after it broke it again.
-A possible work around is to use your video card's AA instead.

If you notice wounds not appearing it could be that you are using a body mod. It depends if the body mod is made to support wounds properly. Even without this mod, wounds will not appear. This may also happen with the base game bodies and certain cloths.
if you want the decap textures to appear and still have AA, force AA with your ATI card driver and for NVDIA, disable transparency multisampling in the graphics options.

Random flashing white dot on blood.
-This is an ATI video card issue if you have transparency multisampling disabled in your graphics option. Or you set the ini changes too high, default blood will have the same effect.

Random flashing white dot on blood on insects.
-You may have set your INI blood settings too high.

Blood does not appear at range.
-There don't seems to be anyway to change this.

My sound mod that will also change gore and gibbing sounds:

Delete the decal, effects, gore, Enhanced Blood ESPs folders and the esp files.
Delete the files individually that came from this mod.

Change log (new vegas)
v2.22a New Vegas
changes only applies to Enhanced Blood Main NV.esp
-Changed some melee hits to use generic wounds instead of bullet wounds
-Deathclaws now use claw wounds instead of generic
-More creature attacks can now produce wounds
-Bullet wound minimal size limit decrease.
-Removed changes to plasma and laser dirt impacts

v2.22 New Vegas
-Minor splatter texture color change.
-Added wounds to attack impacts that had no texture data.
-Fixed Molerat mismatch flags in More Gore.esp.
-Added some creatures in NV to be affected by More Gore.

-Port over from Fallout 3 version
-I have NOT fully tested with the game use with caution
-More gore does not affect new creatures yet