Companion Dress Up by uberbanna
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Added: 22/10/2010 - 01:59AM
Updated: 13/11/2010 - 12:26AM

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Last updated at 0:26, 13 Nov 2010 Uploaded at 1:59, 22 Oct 2010


This is just a simple edit of some items and faction scripts, so I assume it shouldn't affect anything majorly. That said, I am in no way responsible for any bugs, bad experiences, paranoia, or thoughts of suicide you may have as a result of using this mod. Use at your own (low) risk.


Copy dressup.esp to the data folder in your default "Fallout: New Vegas" installation directoy.

3.What this does

This mod changes the scripts attached to all faction armors and removes the part that makes companions unable to hold or equip faction armor. This mod also changes the default companion armor/clothing to "playable" status meaning you can completely strip your companions and make them wear whatever you want. Optional download to not alter faction armor scripts.

4. Changes

04-17-11 Removed removable weapons mods due to bug.
11-12-10 Added ED-E removable weapons option. Also fixed my optional files to contain all my changes, making them work independently (I warned you I don't know how to make mods).
11-1-10 Added optional weapon changes mod
10-30-10 Fixed Boone's upgraded armor
10-28-10 Fixed Rauls upgraded armor
10-27-10 Added an optional download that doesn't change the faction armor scripts.