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Added: 21/10/2010 - 10:49PM
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Version 1.4

A Mod For Fallout 3 - New Vegas


adds 7 weapons from a more civilized era to the game



extract everything in your ...FalloutNewVegas/Data/ directory



lol as if i would have intended that... no! i dont know how!
if you insist... delete all files from your fallout/data folder that you find in the *.rar archive downloaded for this mod



either activate the Jswords4sale.esp OR the Jswords4free.esp in your Fallout New Vegas launcher

-Jswords4sale adds the swords to merchants
-Jswords4free adds them to your inventory



this is a partial conversion from my Oblivion Mod called Blades Volume 2

you get:

1 Boarding Knife
1 Superior Kitchen Knife
1 Japanese Sword
1 Knight's Sword
1 Iron Sword
1 German Smallword
1 Shiavonna


copyright rules:

all content of this mod is protected and may not be redistributed or modified without my explicit permission.



1.1 - fixed the texture bug (i thought)
1.2 - circumvented the very same texture bug
1.3 - added the swords to more levelled lists in the Jswords4sale.esp
1.4 - added versions of the mod in which the swords do more damage (+5)


future prospects:



have fun and enjoy :)






me... and even more me...


general safety issues

this mod might kill you, your loved ones or the whole world! i take no responsibility for
any action done or any event happening as a result of playing this or any other of my mods.
it includes gore, probably but not necessarily boobs, brutality and sheer beauty... if you dont
like any of these avoid this mod.