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Added: 21/10/2010 - 08:39PM
Updated: 15/06/2011 - 12:21AM

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All Companions Essential 2.0

Details: A simple mod to make all companions in hardcore become essential (they don't die, just faint) after hired, and de-essential when fired.

*Companions go Essential only after hired!
*Un-Essential on Fire
*Dose not interfere with anything (runs non intrusive script)!
*Compatible with ALL mods that alter companions, appearance, tweaks, etc.
*Fixed for Cass-Van Graff encounter, Works Fine

*Pick only ONE main file, the most suited to you.
*Drop it into your Fallout NV Data Folder and enable.

*MAKE SURE you fire any companions before disabling, or they will remain essential forever.
*Simply disable and delete the esp.

-= UPDATE 2.0b =-

*added support for both DLC01 and DLC02 (Dead Money, Honest Harts)

NOTE: I have not fully played through theses DLC's and so not know if there are situations of betrayal that might cause ESSESTIAL when hired to bug the game. Please inform me if there are.

-= UPDATE 2.0 =-

Major redesign of the mod, no longer effects base unit making it universally compatible with everything.

*Companions go Essential only after hired!
*Un-Essential on Fire
*Dose not interfere with anything!
*Fixed for Cass encounter, Works Fine

-= Old stuff =-

Makes all the companion NPC's essential, this is before acquiring, so don't make enemy's of them, they won't die.

No Required mods, should work for everything.