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Allows you to mass bottle water from any water source without cumbersome menus. It also allows you to rebottle dirty water into pure water when bottling from a pure water source. It even includes a buyable canteen that will keep you automatically hydrated.

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Fallout New Vegas
Bottle That Water v1.05
Made by LFox




1. Extract to Fallout New Vegas/Data and enable Bottle That
Water in the Fallout New Vegas Launcher.


2. Mod Description


IMPORTANT: As of v1.05+ this mod requires the Old World Blues

KNOWN ISSUES: Currently bottling water from irradiated water
surfaces will result in pure water. Sinks, pumps ect will
bottle correctly since they are done via different scripts.
This won't be fixed until i can figure out how to determine if
the water has rads or not.

This mod allows you to bottle water from all water sources
without an annoying menu. It also adds a buyable canteen that
will keep you automatically hydrated (see further down for
details). Empty water bottles as well as the canteen can be
bought from Chet in Goodsprings.

When you use a water source while sneaking you automatically
fill all empty water bottles. If you bottle water from a pure
water source all dirty bottles will be rebottled as pure water
alongside refilling empty bottles as well as filling up your
canteen if you have one. Empty water bottles are
automatically attained when drinking irradiated, dirty or
purified water as well as when you refill your canteen.

The water bottled is either dirty or purified. You gain dirty
from any water with rads and purified from any water without
rads. By having only these two types this is completely
compatible with mods that purify dirty water.

Two new recipes have been added to allow you to bottle water
from Prickly Pear Fruit. One recipe requires an empty water
bottle the other requires a dirty water bottle.

IMPORTANT: Buy only 1 canteen having more than 1 is useless and
may mess things up. The extra stock is in case you lose it.

The canteen has a capacity of 4 sips of water. Whenever
you're dehydration goes higher than 50 and you are not in combat
you'll automatically take a sip from the canteen. You can also
manually take a sip by activating the canteen. One sip of water
will restore 25 dehydration. The amount of water left in the
canteen is visible when mousing over it in your inventory.

The canteen is automatically refilled with water from purified
water bottles when it runs out of water. A single bottle of
purified water will be consumed, you will receive 1 empty
bottle of water and a message will appear briefly to notify you
that the canteen has been refilled.

If you run out of purified water the canteen will not be
refilled until you find some. If you attempt to manually use
it you will be told the canteen is empty. Finally when you
refill water at a pure water source your canteen will be
replenished alongside everything else.

NOTE 1: Actual water surfaces have a Bottle Water option, sinks
ect do not. This is due to the fact that the game Crashes to
Desktop otherwise.

NOTE 2: The canteen doesn't have its own inventory picture.
This is due to the fact the modders resource did not include it.

Q: Why not allow all bottle types?
A: Because it's unnecessary. Really think about it you need at
most 20 bottles. Once you have them what are you gonna do with
all the thousands of extras? Besides this way it stops the
bizarre model morphing that occurs. How does that soda bottle
turn into a tiny plastic water bottle?

Q: What water sources are included?
A: ALL, that means lakes, puddles, sinks, water fountains,
fire hydrants, toilets and even urinals. If it's got water you
can bottle it.

Q: Why can i only do it while i'm sneaking?
A: Because i HATE having things interfering with otherwise
quick to use actions. I hated all other water mods because
they filled bottles 1 at a time or added an annoying menu
when i tried to take a drink.


3. Version History


- Added a line to the Sink's scripting to allow you to use the
bottle function immediately (seriously wtf? i can drink from it
ffs), you can still acquire the note and upgrade it though
through the quest
- Added my bottles to the bottle list by changing the script,
the dialog conditions AND the formlist of empty bottles

- Added 2 new recipes for cactus water thanks to Lanternless for
the suggestion
- Modified the prefix for water so it sorts better it's now
Drink: Bottle of

- Added a canteen to automatically monitor your dehydration level
- Added the canteen and empty water bottles for sale from Chet in
- The following now have the prefix Drink: in front of them.
Dirty Water, Irradiated Water, Purified Water

- Changed water surfaces such as lakes, troughs to default to
pure water it will now also change dirty water bottles into pure

- Made it so dirty water is automatically rebottled as pure water
when bottling from a pure water source

- Ported the Plugin over from Fallout 3


4. Credits

LFox - This entire mod is my work
Lord Inquisitor - For his Vault 13 Canteen Modder's Resource