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2 versions: 1 lets you repair weapons and armor with some various clutter items, but with a wide variety of other weapons and armor. The other does the same but the variety of items you can repair with is more limited.

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Weapon and Armor Repair - Improved

Version 1.1: I added all other melee weapons into the lists, and found some weapons/armor that had no repair list.

Version 2.1: I found a bunch of stuff that had no repair lists....mainly unique armor/weapons and clothing.


While playing on Hardcore mode, I had to carry many things around just to survive the Mojave and my every day struggles. Cook up foods, find clean water sources, a good place to sleep...isn't this enough for a wasteland explorer? I already feel like a walking "kitchen" of items. When having to tackle the various combinations of items to just repair a piece of armor or weapon, I found this a bit ridiculous. Even without Hardcore mode on, I would need a caravan of pack mules to carry the sheer amount of weapons, armor, and clutter to repair my items.

This mod is born of wanting to repair items, but not wanting to have to be forced to micromanage items just for repairs sake.

There are now 2 versions

Version 1.1 (the original): Weapons can now be repaired by Hammers, Tin/Bent Cans, Spare Parts, Wrenchs, and most other normal weapons. This mod version works in conjunction with the repair perk that can be obtained at lvl 14.

Armor can now be repaired by Wonderglue, Tin/Bent Cans, Medical Braces, Duct Tape (should of added it to all repair lists!....Duct Tape can fix ANYTHING!), and most other normal armors.

In this revised version (1.1) I included all melee weapons, and caught some armor and weapons that had no repair list.

Version 2.1: Due to the perk you can gain at 14, I limited the lists. This mod works in conjunction with the repair Perk that can be gained at lvl 14. All items still have their original/vanilla repair lists, but I just added a couple items here and there to them. It works this way now:

Energy weapons: Added wrench's, spare parts, and scrap electronics
Guns: Added Wrench's, Spare Parts, and Paint Guns
Melee: Added Tin Cans and Duct Tape

Heavy Armor: Added Wrench and a Hammer
Medium Armor: Golden and normal gecko hides, and a Hammer
Light Armor: Golden and normal gecko hides, and Duct Tape

Glasses (wearable): Added Empty Whiskey Bottles

In this revised version (2.1) I also added repair lists to items that...amazingly....didn't have any repair lists! It blew my mind on how many vanilla items (mostly unique ones) had no repair lists.

I'll update to include future DLC's in this, but not pre-order content for obvious reasons.

1. Pick which version you wish to use and download it.

2. Unzip the .esp to your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder, wherever that is on your hard drive, and check the box to load it on your Fallout NV load screen (or when a NV bootloader program comes out, the same thing).

3. If you are a Steam user, unzip the esp to wherever Steam is loaded.....Steam/SteamApps/common/fallout new vegas/data

1. Remove the .esp from the folder

No known conflicts that I'm aware of. In a load order manager my mod would have to go lower in order than any mod that changes the base values of any vanilla weapon/armor and leaves the vanilla weapons/armor with vanilla ID's.

To contact me PM if you have any issues or questions on TesNexus - Rasana

Thanks To:
Bethseda for releasing the G.E.C.K! Yay! :) Thank you, Bethseda!

If you ever wish to use my mods in your own, simply ask me. I'll likely give you permission if you credit me. Otherwise, you cannot use my efforts in your own mod.