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  1. lStewieAl
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    If you are using this mod on Windows 10, you need to open sr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover.ini in notepad and change the line:

    bHookLightCriticalSections = 1


    bHookLightCriticalSections = 0

    Otherwise you will crash every 10-15 minutes or during load screens.
    1. Pickysaurus
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  2. skyranger-1
    • member
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    If you have a problem caused by a recent version of NVSR:
    1. Find your NVSR ini file. See the "Master" section at the top of it. Disable features from there (by changing ones to zeroes) until your problem goes away. If you can change all the ones to zeroes and your problem remains then likely NVSR was not at fault. Re-enable features that weren't the cause of your problem.
    2. Post here. Describe the problem. Tell me which line in the "Master" section was associated with the problem. If you have used a previous version of NVSR that did not cause the problem, let me know about that, including which version it was.

    and optionally, 3. If you're feeling industrious, try finding the section of the NVSR ini associated with the particular feature you're having trouble with (not all features have ini sections, but many do), and try adjusting its settings to see if they have any effect on your problem.

    That will at least give me a fighting chance of figuring out what went wrong. Hopefully.
  3. jaxamillion
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    So I'll move around and like 10-15 seconds after moving, I get soft-locked by stuttering (ironically). I'm using Windows 10 so changed the setting from 1 to 0 and it still happens. I saw that I should use NVTF instead BUT that doesn't work for me at all. And by not work I mean I get a puke green screen when I load my file, so I can't play. Also I have a problem with my pip-boy if I DON'T use this mod. Essentially the text disappears randomly for most of my things. Heck even the lights won't come on even if I'm in my items section. So using this mod fixes my pip-boy but causes a soft-lock/crash, plus I can't use NVTF since I essentially get a blank screen (another soft-lock/crash). Anyone got any ideas, cause I'm ready to rip hair out.
    Edit: So I somehow got NVTF to magically work but it gives me the same issue so still can't play the game.
    1. Chrtistian8OO
      • member
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      how many mods are you using? for the sake of posterity. This mod shouldn't be causing you any issues regarding your pipboy, and if removing it doesn't fix the problem, then it wasn't this mod.
    2. JohnnyQuest101
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      I have roughly twenty small mods and this is happening. Just unplayable now.
    3. Sarcasm
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      • 344 posts
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      I have similar problems playing FNV on Windows 10. Constant crashes while running or loading, and while performing random actions like reloading or opening inventory or opening console. Sometimes save games become unloadable from the main menu and once the loading screen finishes, I am met with a black screen that lasts forever. If I go into game first with coc goodsprings in the console then load my saves, they work.

      Alternatively I can just copy paste the same installation onto Windows 7 and have no crashing at all. I have no idea why this is, if its NVSR, some DirectX or C++ Runtime, Windows 10 just doesn't work with FNV for me. You may have something similar, if you find a solution do tell because I have been searching for years and am convinced I will be running FNV on Windows 7 forever.
  4. happymadden34
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    UGGGGHHHHH. I'm sorry for this post but for someone as incompetent as me, where on earth can I find this .ini file for the fix?
    1. ewgff
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      The .ini file should be in data/nvse/plugins with the rest of the NVSR files
  5. elialf
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  6. O69
    • member
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    If I'm on windows 10 should I use NVTF instead of this?
    1. AusAllerWelt
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  7. Robioto
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    I spent around 5 hours messing with and installing mods for FNV and I kept getting crashes at anytime (launching the game, randomly in the Mojave, fast travel, loading transitions), but always between 0-15 minutes of play. It took me an age to figure out what was doing it and it turned out to be this mod. If any of you are getting persistent crashes when using this mod try NVFT instead, this has solved all my problems and I'm finally 8 hours in to my play through and able to enjoy the game. I'm new to the modding scene but I learned a valuable lesson that popular multi-million downloaded mods aren't entirely risk free.

    NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix - https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66537
  8. RadRoachHD
    • member
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    This mod is outdated, use Tick Fix.
    1. Kuko16
      • member
      • 545 posts
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      That mod have a horrible memory leak sadly
    2. FrankKafka
      • member
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      I disagree, I was using the windows 10 stutter remover, when i started using nmc, Non stop Memory leaks from just entering the wasteland. When i switch to tick fix, Stutter gone, memory leaks gone, smooth game play. Far superior
    3. BuffyKillsVampires
      • member
      • 501 posts
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      who do I believe?
    4. CodyProductions
      • member
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      Where can I download Tick Fix?
    5. shade628
      • member
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      Right here,


      You should know that for some people the New Vegas Tick Fix causes the infinite loading screen. Maybe you will be lucky and it won't do that for you though. Best of luck!
    6. mrmichael351
      • member
      • 40 posts
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      NVTF causes memory leaks after 20-40 minutes of gameplay. Would not recommend. Stay using NVSR it's much better.
    7. streetyson
      • member
      • 149 posts
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      Well, the TTW guide says it's outdated and to use Tick Fix - but, I only read that AFTER installing NVSR (which is still in their video guide, not Tick Fix), and NVSR definitely works well for me on the latest TTW 3.2.2. Maybe it's because I'm still using Windows 7 or because I've got an older machine. Or maybe Tick Fix would indeed still do the job even better, but like my dear old grandpa used to say - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - so I'm sticking with NVSR thanks.
  9. jwoltz
    • member
    • 529 posts
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    I'm told this works for Oblivion. However, the installation specifies folders pertaining to New Vegas. What is the installation then for Oblivion data folders? Thanks in advance.
    1. seargentbingle
      • supporter
      • 79 posts
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      Rename the nvse folder to obse, or just extract the files in the nvse folder to the obse folder in your game.
  10. David2014
    • member
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    A crash mod now, its a pity..
    1. youngyone01
      • member
      • 624 posts
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      No, if you're still on Windows 7, then it's VERY USEFUL, at least "iThreadsFixedToCPUs = (1 or more)" helps a lot.

      If you have Windows 10, you can try disabling individual sections in "Master = {" and see if crashing stops. Basically you only need "bExperimentalStuff = 1"(for "iThreadsFixedToCPUs =") and maybe "bManageFPS = 1"(with fMinimumFPS = 0) if you want to use build in FPS limiter.

      Everything else (bHookGetTickCount, bHookCriticalSections, bHookLightCriticalSections, bHookHashtables, bReplaceHeap, bReplaceRandom, etc.) can be disabled (set to 0), since most of it is already in NVTF, and the rest is probably causes crashing on Windows 10.
    2. Blu777
      • member
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      I use it with win764 bit, gtx 1070, cpu i5 9400F, only got 1 crash in 20~ hours of gameplay, but i got 30~ mods active so i have no idea why i got that crash(near the NCR Golf area).
      Also, good fps 120-144 fps(most of the time).
      Smooth as butter, rarely i get lower fps and some stutter so i have to reset game if i fast travel a lot maybe because too much textures loading, probably nothing to do with this mod.
      I recommend using the fix that works for you, easy as that, download, test, not good ? Get NVTF, test, which one works for you and your computer , is good we have a choice. This worked fine for me so i never had to test others.
      Thanks for making this mod, was really hard to play on 144hz monitor, since this game normally requires 60fps or V-sync to work properly. Life saver!
  11. wakkoswami
    • member
    • 308 posts
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    PSA: New Vegas Tick Fix (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66537) now includes a setting that cuts out the stutter when loading new cells. Although the new setting is still considered experimental, I haven't had any major problems with it yet, and any issues that it may have will probably be fixed soon since the plugin is being actively worked on.

    This means that it now offers nearly everything that NVSR does (plus some stuff that it doesn't) without constantly causing crashes for Windows 10 users.

    So if you're on Windows 10, I'd say that the future is here and it's finally time to ditch NVSR for good and swap to NVTF.
    1. DynaMatrix
      • premium
      • 101 posts
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      Important comment ^ going over peoples' heads. Tick Fix is ->actively<- being worked on and superior to NVSR in every respect. Don't be like me and stubbornly keep using SR with windows 10. I switched to Tick Fix out of curiosity and got shocked how much smoother New Vegas runs with a more up to date fix.
    2. NoLoveDeepWeapon
      • member
      • 8 posts
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      Can you hook a brother up with a drop box or google drive file of your NVTF? File's hidden for me.
    3. mred1602
      • supporter
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    4. ASatanicPanda
      • member
      • 14 posts
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      Tick Fix won't make FNV run at 144 FPS properly while SR will. I haven't had any of the Win 10 issues other people have though.
    5. mred1602
      • supporter
      • 499 posts
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      I think NVSR is still the best option for those of us using Win 7.
      The difficulty that Windows 10 has with older games and mods is the main reason I'm still running Win 7 on my main gaming PC.
      I've seen many people struggling mightily to get these older games working again once they move to Windows 10.
    6. ASatanicPanda
      • member
      • 14 posts
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      I did have to test out different setting to get NVSR stable, and even optimized it a bit.

      bReplaceHeap = 1
      bExperimentalStuff = 1
      bReduceSleep = 1
      iThreadsFixedToCPUs = 0
      fMaximumFPS = 100
      fExtraSleepPercent = 0
      Heap = {
      iHeapSize = 300
      (Make sure you use the 4GB patch with a heap size this big or you will get out of memory errors)
    7. Asadir
      • member
      • 39 posts
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      Tick fix does indeed remove the stutter , but also can be responsible for the ''Infinite loading bug'' , Tried and tested , i had to remove Tick fix .
  12. Torbsz
    • supporter
    • 6 posts
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    No game data on top level for MO2. Not sure how to fix.