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*NON-NUDE* New Vegas Type3 armors with the underwear base body

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Version 2.1 is up, all armors and outfits except for the Benny suit, fully patched with everything I've found as of January 20. The business suit with shirt and tie, and the original Merc Charmer outift with stockings are available as alternatives to the versions in the main download.

This is a non-nude Type3 body and armor replacer. This replaces the vanilla female body with a Type3 body wearing adapted underwear. This is NOT a nude body replacer. It is compatible with all Type3 nude body replacers. Install the nude replacer over top of this mod and accept overwrites to replace the underwear body with the nude body of your choice. If you're already using a Type3 compatible nude body relacer and want just the armros, download the armor_only pack, which does not contain a body replacer.

The sample pics show only some of the included armors, I didn't take sample screens of all the outfits, sorry.

Adult content because of the raider painspike armor.

Dead Money Type 3 outfits:

Honest Hearts Type 3 armor and outfits:

It's come to my attention that the game assigns adult meshes to some of the children in the game. To counter this I strongly recommend using:

Armor Replacer Child NPC Fix
Alert: Users of the Community Bugfix Patch may experience problems with the hands turning invisible on the leather and NCR armors. Thanks to SnowstormFox for finding the cause of this problem. Refer to his July 4 2011 posting in the comments section for how to fix this problem if it affects you.
Unzip and copy the enclosed Data directory to your default New Vegas installation directory, for Windows 7:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\

Includes an Archiveinvalidation.txt file so the skin textures display correctly. If you're using NVMM or Archiveinvalidation Invalidated you won't need it.

I've tried to eliminate clipping, weird weighting and strange skin tones, but I'm sure I mmissed something. Post a comment or PM me here on Nexus if you spot something major and I'll try to fix it in a timely fashion. Minor clipping will show up in some positions with some poses. Don't download this if you expect perfection.

Dimon99 for the Type3 body
Backsteppo for the narrowed shoulder mesh.
Bethesda and Obsidian for the game.

Tools used: