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A modest abode awaits in Goodsprings...

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A small home, with choice location, lore friendly design, plenty of storage, a place to sleep, and a small hint of the mystery associated with its owner. A necessity for myself, and hopefully you as well :)

The mod can be found on my website, www.dahgzen.com, under projects, which houses all of my mods. You can download from there or use New Vegas Nexus, either way, please support me as you can with recommendations, comments, or questions, or even donate to the cause if you feel it!
Thanks for your support. More mods to come soon!!

Updated - v3.5
Fixed bed - now provides well rested status
Added a chemistry set downstairs
Threw away the bobble head shelf and added another closet
Changed the note on the porch a little in preparation for an upcoming gshome addition mod..
The old man is now closer to the cemetery, and thus will not set off the "confirmation" screen

I'm still working on the oven...but I honestly have not experienced the cooking ingame myself yet - ill get it here soon though..that will probably be the last update of this - before launching an addition quest mod, and some other projects soon to come...

Companions should be ok now.
Named containers and fixed placement of stuff in basement.
Removed Chemistry set - use the Doc's
Fixed medkits
renamed some stuff
everything should be non-spawning, as well as belong to the player now. thus no losing stuff.
removed the 10mm smg
added a note in the basement