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Allows you to adjust your timescale via a menu, and adds a basic dynamic timescale option. Will not cause you to die in your sleep in hardcore mode, and provides the option to adjust the hardcore mode needs rates.

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Imp's TimeScale Adjuster


This file adds a timescale adjustment menu that allows you to increase or decrease your timescale in increments of 1 or 5.

Release 1.1 and later also adds the option for a basic dynamic timescale. It allows you to set independent timescales for interiors, exteriors, and combat. By default, the interior and combat timescales are set to 1 for realism, but the exterior timescale is set to 20 to simulate longer travel distances.

Release 1.2 adds the option to have the Hardcore mode hunger/thirst/sleep rates scale with timescale, i.e. lower timescales will lead to proportionally slower rates. There is also the option to vary the hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, and sleep restoration rates independently for a more or less challenging game. Higher multipliers mean faster rates. Note that these features are incompatible with any mod that alters these rates.

Note that if you set your timescale to a low value like 1, but do not select the "HTS Scales with TimeScale" option, your HTS values will change very rapidly if you sleep or wait, potentially killing you. Either adjust the rates using the adjustable multipliers (though lowering them to their lowest values of 0.1 will still require a minimum timescale of 3 or greater), or choose the "HTS Scales with TimeScale" option.

For low timescales, with the "HTS Scales with TimeScale" option selected, the following multiplier values are recommended:
Hunger: 3.5
Thirst: 5.0
Sleep Deprivation: 5.0
Sleep Restoration: 0.4

They can be set via the menu, or by entering the console and typing:
set ITAHungerMult to 3.5
set ITAThirstMult to 5.0
set ITASleepMult to 5.0
set ITASleepRestoreMult to 0.4

There is also an Ambient Temperature compatibility patch available in the optional files section that can be used along with Ambient Temperature to make your dehydration rate increase on hot days. Download Ambient Temperature here:



Add this file to your load order. An :: Adjust TimeScale :: item will be added to the armor section of your inventory. Equipping that item will bring up the timescale adjustment menu.


To uninstall, bring up the menu, select the default timescale of 30, save, and then remove this file from your load order.


Added code to change the timescale back to 30 during conversations to prevent crashes during quests that set the clock forward
Added code to pause needs tracking whenever the clock is set forward by more than 1 hour, to prevent sudden increases in hardcore levels after things like having implants installed

Put the code that changed timescale back to 30 during sleep/wait back in (turns out it was preventing crashes)
Tweaked HTS multiplier adjustment increments (0.1 if < 1, or 0.5 if > 1, rather than always 0.05)


Added hardcore mode hunger/thirst/sleep rate correction w/ option to disable
Added HTS multipliers to provide independent control over rates
Checking your timescale via console will now return the correct value
Prepared for integration with Ambient Temperature


Added dynamic timescale option
Added fix for Hardcore Mode sleep calorie and hydration burn rate bug (no more dying in your sleep)