Maybe the term "overhaul" is a bit ambitious, but let me explain what I'm working on.

Despite a few overhaul attempts from other modders, I think most people haven't found anything to be a lore-friendly improvement on the vanilla game for the NCR Troopers. (ADAM, of course, is great for the rangers.) However, on the vanilla troopers the rigging is horrific in the shoulders and especially the waist, the attachments are boring, the boots look like socks, the gloves clip at the wrist, the helmets are dorky... need I go on? But after seeing the NCR Trooper concept art (http://zconnect.org.uk/media/news/large_ncrtroopers.jpg) I realized that the NCR trooper could be vastly improved with only some minor detail edits.

So I set out to make those few edits late last night and found myself inspired by WW2 games like Red Orchestra 2. I've been experimenting here with different gear for each NCR class to add distinction and a more scrappy, war-time, survivalist feel to the armors. What I've done so far:

- New helmet closer to the NCR concept art.
- New gloves and boots with adjusted wrists and shins.
- New attachments for trooper, bandoleer, and mantle armors.
- Fixed rigging in the shoulders, neck, and waist.
- Improved body shape.

Still to do:

- Female variants (don't worry... I'll do proper females for this even though I dislike modding female stuff)
- Goggle-down version of the helmet (will have lenses on the goggles instead of just an empty frame!)
- Facewrap and "plain" trooper versions.
- Properly rig all attachments
- Find out who made the 2048x2048 ncr trooper texture upgrade and get permission to use my edited version that reduces texture seams. If you can help me with this, please do! It's important.

I'm open to feedback and suggestions, but be aware I'm not going too crazy with this mod. I'm just updating the NCR Troopers. Thanks for looking at the pic and reading this description :)

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