I like the eye peering out from under the hat in this one.

I was turned onto High Desert Tactical Gear while talking about another mod with johnaconda1 and had some fun with it.  I am enjoying the mismatched look and tried some experiments with fov and even groovified myself to get out of writing.
Base outfit is the Merc Grunt from Exeter's Type3 Body and Armor Replacer.

Belt is from Vegas Girl Outfit Type3.

Hat is from Gunslinger outfit.

Tactical vest and scarf from aforemention High Desert Tactical Gear.  Used XL version of the vest as boobs clip out of standard size.

Dropdown is from a mod not available on the Nexus, but holsters just like it  can be found in HDTG.

Cigar is not on Nexus as far as I know.

This version of "Equipment Pack" is from nivea's Spice of Life Variety Clothing.

Federated Suns tattoo custom made by Xaranth for me on top of Cali skin; Not available on Nexus.

Face and makeup (and unseen matching nails) are from Desert Succubus Custom Race and Textures

Gloves from Overhaul Lady Outfit.

Winchester 1894 .30-30 rifle not available on Nexus.

The specific SCAR-L in one of these images (if you thought it's not the one Ramona had before, you're right!) comes from a mod not on the Nexus, but I believe it was derived from one that is either on the NV or Fallout 3 Nexus.

Brügger & Thomet MP9 is "Tactical Machine Pistol" from Weapon Mods Expanded WMX - Modern Weapons pack.  That rail is begging for a scope, but the weapon is already fully tricked out with laser, extended mags, and suppressor.  The TMP style foregrip intrigues me as well.

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