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Moss and leafs effects added. Now include an optional gasmask (Big MT certified so you don't catch the spores) and a "Ghoul mask type" Spore carrier mask


  1. theeggman99
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  2. brickstar56
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    Very good, I love the mask overgrown in moss. I think the only thing this needs now is some staining or discoloration to the vault suits bright blue color.
    1. VoidKing02
      • member
      • 33 kudos
      while i do agree about sometimes deshading the Vault suits like i did here , i think here it's better not to. Not only we always find the Vault Utility jumpsuits in prestine condition, but lore wise the different colors are because they use different materials for the yellow and blue instead of merely cloth shading. An environment saturated by the Cloud, might corrodes and withers a Vault suit, but only spores and vegetation would not.
  3. EDEguy
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    So the mask acts like the ghoul mask from Fo3 but for spore carriers? and also protects from them, its perfect, how is the Partisan mod going.
  4. LuigiSuperBros
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    Hold up, let him cook. (but all seriousness, this is really really cool, Can't wait to see the finished product.)