Fallout New Vegas
Everyone's Friend

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Willow and J.T... Got me going into every abandoned building, looking for pencils.


  1. theeggman99
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    maybe I'm overusing it, but
  2. Bernt
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    ......... and even in DC!! I'm not kidding. My characters can't help picking up every single pencil I see. No matter where I go.
    Willow is Willow. And your version of her is a cute as ever. And JT......... I like german shepherds. But if I ever saw the personification of "a very good boy" this must be him. Absolute four footed/pawed cuteness
    1. MissMorose
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      Haha thanks! I need to try TTW. There's a lot I never did in FO3. 
      And yeah, I like the default dog too, but J.T needs to be as unique as his owner in my opinion. Can't have Willow running around with boring old Dogmeat. xD