Fallout New Vegas
Classic Bob's Iguana Bits Stand

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Another part of the prop pack that I am making. Bob's Classic Iguana Bit's Stand. It is wider so there can be more clutter once it is placed in New Vegas. The coolers are also absent for this same reason, might make them separate or not idk. Otherwise enjoy!!


  1. Luke2172
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    Will you be releasing your assets as modders resources?
    1. WebbProductionsEntertain
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      • 548 kudos
      Yes I probably will. This would be so that people can make new mods with Classic esc assets. Literally making the game more of the classic fallouts then it has been before 
    2. MrShersh
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      Based person
  2. Jacksonelhage
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    these props are perfect. imma be all over this if you release as a modders resource
  3. KrackinWise212
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    Just dont ask where the meat comes from :) Looks awesome though great work!
  4. spoonsandvich
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