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Arizona Redux  - A Fan Made Expansion

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Arizona Redux is a fan-made expansion to the Fallout: New Vegas base map.

The primary aim of Arizona Redux is to seamlessly blend with Vanilla Fallout: New Vegas, and give more content to players whether they be Legion aligned, or non-Legion aligned. There is no main story to Arizona Redux. The mod will feature several quests and characters, however at no point will the goings-on in Arizona Redux supersede whatever is happening in the Fallout: New Vegas main quest line. Drawing inspiration from Fallout: New Vegas cut content, interviews with Fallout: New Vegas developers, and several other faithful fanworks, Arizona Redux will attempt to capture the spirit of the Legion faction from a grounded approach. 

Want to help out? We're always looking for collaborators! 

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  1. AbhayX
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    wow sounds really cool, hope you find success in this endeavor of yours:)