Fallout New Vegas
PSA For Desert Natural Weathers Users

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  1. Dr01602
    • premium
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    I learned that one the hard way since i didn't like put that mod at the bottom of the load order
    1. B4llsAndB4y0n3ts
      • member
      • 12 kudos
      For a very long time, I didn't, either -- it had an... issue... where the REPCONN test site basement was pure black with it at last place in the load order. I never figured out why, but the mod author seems to have figured it out, since that hasn't been a problem for a few releases now.
    2. clayvn
      • supporter
      • 272 kudos
      If I remember right, that was some weird conflict with the old Interior Lighting Overhaul, but I've since removed all edits to interiors to improve compatibility with interior lighting mods (mainly Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks).