Fallout New Vegas
Even More Miscellaneous Items to Scavenge

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  1. saitofutoshi88
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    Nice :D
  2. deleted142101718
    • account closed
    • 1,566 posts
    • 36 kudos
    WOW - this is an awesome idea. Loking forward to have it by my hands
  3. Xilandro
    • premium
    • 4,571 posts
    • 1,677 kudos
    I love it!
    Also, for the love of god, we need some crafting mod to finally give every item some purpose.
    1. mojavesuave
      • member
      • 257 posts
      • 39 kudos
      I'm working on more two mods that will include support for this mod. The first mod is an overhaul to item breakdown. The second is an overhaul to workbench crafting. Eventually, every item in this mod (and every item in the base game) can be broken down into crafting components used to craft hundreds of items with recipes that utilize ingredients in this mod. Later down the road I plan on having a single merged plugin crafting mod that provides all the above features without three plugins.
    2. Xilandro
      • premium
      • 4,571 posts
      • 1,677 kudos