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stuff i've been working on. coincidentally all inspired by tumblr posts. from left to right:

i think based on n00b-vegas's courier tibbs. i actually made this a while ago (november oh my god) and i wasn't happy with it. i think the big coat from the point lookout riverboat guy's outfit would look a lot closer to their art (though if it would work better in game is yet to be seen) and there are a few brown retextures of it but none that i really like or are close to what i'd need. i'm... weirdly particular about textures for someone who isn't that great at making them, and i don't think any on this outfit are really ideal. using some modified meshes from the moonshiner outfit from tammer's nif-bashed armor mega-pack.

based on plasma-packin-mama's OC cyanide. she's sooo gender. i'm actually pretty happy with how my recreation turned out (with me obviously taking some creative liberties), but of course there's a few things i'd like to make better. i think the bottom half looks really good from the back when you can see how the pants tuck into the socks and all the straps around the lower legs but the front looks kinda bleh. similar complaint with the top half; i think the back looks really good and the front is kinda meh. maybe it's just me. i'm playing around with an alternative version without the jacket or shinguards which already i kinda prefer and'll probably be the one closest to what i actually release (edit: actually seeing it in game made me like it a lot more lol). using some modified textures from blueboar's leather jackets.

based on calder's... posts. it's one of those spooky art deco statue heads with glowing ghost people eyes. i've read calder's blog like a daily newspaper for, like, months at this point and i wouldn't really even know where to begin explaining my creative influence as it's just an amalgamation of imagery i've passively absorbed from her posts. finishing this mask made me wish i had TTW installed because i had the idea of giving it to jamie palabras and i couldn't think of anywhere nearly as fitting for it in new vegas. plus i couldn't really think of an appropriate effect and it really seems like it ought to have one. here's a shot of it in game with the eyes lit up.


  1. analogfan
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    i LOVE these fits!! and i especially adore the second one inspired by plasma-packin-mama’a oc!! the leather jacket… omfg u always slay. and that mask!! ik ur not 100%! satisfied with the outfits but i think they’re fantastic as always. i wish i could spam heart emojis on nexus.
    1. arsthetiu
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      every time u comment im like
  2. saitofutoshi88
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    Niice :D
  3. MrGrammarGuy
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    Using fanart as inspiration/foundation for NV outfits is really cool
  4. AciesGecko
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    I like the mask taken from those statues, looks so cool