Fallout New Vegas
shoe experiment

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Never uploaded a mod, just messed around with the GECK and nifskope so I don't quite know what I'm doing but I've been learning retopology lately and it's gotten me a bit more confident with 3D modeling and sculpting. I'm also noticing that there's no women's oxfords in any of the vanilla outfits or mods, which is sorely needed for the 1950s aesthetic. I'm not really a girl that's obsessed with shoes but I'm all for immersion. I'm going to regret this when i need to add these to outfits and do the bone weights in blender 2.49 though RIP. Oh god the UV maps...


  1. theeggman99
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    Nice work!
    There does seem to be a preponderance of 6-inch spiked heels in the wasteland, isn’t there?
  2. AciesGecko
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    Bone weights is easier to do in outfit studio, and copying them from a reference rather than painting by scratch
  3. testbruker13
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    Please - continue your work. You are absolutely right. I am not obsessed by the lore but something is missing - so I wish you the best :)