Fallout New Vegas
Vegas vs Vvardenfell

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  1. MiffyMcMiffin
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    May I ask what ENB do you used? It look great.
    1. freakuac
      • supporter
      • 553 posts
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      I was using basic ENB(just a little tweaking for weather stuff) + custom Reshade.
      (Note that I actively flip ENB effects/options from time to time)
      Also there was info scattering around in my image posts hope you'll find something useful.

      Just uploaded my Reshade presets: here and here. Added some descriptions for you to check, since I'm currently not active playing the game. But if you got problems feel free to ask here in Nexus I'm still hanging around every week or two.

      Btw, I recommend the Basic version for easy use, which's exactly I was using in these images(taken 2019) 1-3 years ago.
  2. JimboUK
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    In 2002 I was ill and off work, my other half went into town and came back with Morrowind among other things, she said this looks like your sort of thing and it was, I installed it around 2pm and was still playing at 6am, I've clocked up crazy hours on it since then.
    1. freakuac
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      The game encourages the player to explore everything including but not limited from know-where to know-how. It's like telling the Courier your rival Benny used to live in the Vegas, you have to find a way in and be a detective gathering all info you need by yourself to deal with him, without Victor, without a pipboy but given just a gun, a flask of water, plus paper&pen. Totally what a distraction meant for, an escape from pitiful RL situations.