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I've tried looking it up and following LOD guides to try and fix it but it's still there regardless, even after deleting the LOD folders and running the generator again. It happens to trees/cacti and just about anything transparent like antennas, fences, water towers, etc.  I'm just uploading it here to post on the FNVLODGEN page but any help would be really appreciated


  1. FaramH
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    As Tecium mentioned, it's the transparencies that are messed up.

    It's not just the foliage, you can see it on the powerlines too.

  2. jediknight7272
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    Hi! I have recently found this guide and it was the only one that helped me. 
  3. Tecium
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    Try generating with DXT5.

    If that doesn't work, then it's something in your game settings that's messing with transparencies. 
  4. BlackGhost84
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    I'm not sure it's the same thing, but I had LOD problems with trees in Skyrim because I accidentally had two vegetation mods going at the same time. Once I uninstalled one of them they displayed fine. Perhaps you have some mods that conflict?